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How to Find Chatrooms on Yahoo Messenger 11.5


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Welcome to Yahoo Chat on Messenger 11.5
Yahoo Chat Rooms
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Once your Yahoo Chat room has loaded, you are now able to begin sending and receiving messages between you and every member signed in. In addition to text-based chat (with a myriad of fonts and color options), emoticons and language support, Yahoo Chat also offers users the ability to participate in webcam/video chat, free PC-to-PC calls, file sharing and more.

Check out our guide to learn what's inside Yahoo Chat rooms, and become an expert user.

How to Use Yahoo Chat

  1. Access "Yahoo Chat" from Your Buddy List
  2. Select Your Chatroom from the Directory
  3. Wait for Your Chat to Load
  4. Complete the CAPTCHA Challenge
  5. Start Chatting on Yahoo Messenger 11.5
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