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Connect Facebook, Social Networks to Your Favorite IMs

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Want to stay in touch on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter even after you've closed your web browser? Check out the best IMs for social networking support, and how you can connect your accounts to IM.

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Delete Your Kik Account on Android

Removing Kik from your Android device and deleting your account takes just a few steps.

How to Delete Your Kik Messenger Account on Android

Learn how to delete the Kik app from your Android phone, plus cancel your account here.

Download Kik for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Start chatting with friends for free on Kik. Download Kik for iPhone.

How to Download Kik for iPhone, iPod and iPad Devices

Chat with friends, send YouTube videos and more when you download Kik to your Apple device.

How to Download Kik for Android Devices

Chat with friends for free when you download Kik to your Android device. Get your free download here.

Download Jack'd for Android Devices

Meet gay men for friendship and fun with the Jack'd Android app. Install the free download in seconds.

Download Jack'd for Android

Meet gay men for friends, dates and fun. Download Jack'd Android app for free.

Download Jack'd for iPhone/iPod Touch

Meet gay men from your iPhone or iPod Touch device when you download Jack'd.

Is Google Talk Free?

Is Google Talk free? Find out what services are free to use, and which you have to pay for.

How to Send Pictures on Jack'd for Android

Learn how to share pictures on Jack'd, the gay app for Android, and more from About.com Instant Messaging.

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