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Update Twitter with Yahoo! Messenger

Yahoo! Messenger Becomes Tweet Device


While Yahoo! Messenger does not officially offer Twitter support, the WackyB Twitter Sync plugin makes sending tweets as easy as sending an IM!

Set-up this Twitter plugin within minutes and start sending and receiving tweets on your Yahoo! Messenger in addition to your other Twitter devices.

Setting Up Twitter on Yahoo! Messenger

Follow these five easy steps to start using the WackyB Twitter Sync plugin on Yahoo! Messenger:

  1. Navigate your web browser to the WackyB Twitter Sync plugin page on Yahoo! Messenger’s plugins web site.
  2. Next, click the “Install Now” button to begin the installation process for this Twitter plugin.
  3. A dialogue window will appear asking if you would like to install this Twitter plugin. Select “Install” to continue installation. Selecting “Don’t Install” will cancel the installation process.
  4. After a few moments of installation, the WackyB Twitter Sync settings menu will appear alongside your Yahoo! Messenger client window. Enter your Twitter username and password, then select your options for the plugin. Once you approve these settings, you can begin using the Twitter plugin from your Plugins menu on Yahoo! Messenger.
  5. To update your Twitter account, type a new message in your status messaging field at the top of the Yahoo! Messenger client window. The plugin will automatically update your Twitter account.

Responding to Tweets on Yahoo! Messenger

Clicking on your latest Tweet in the plugins view on Yahoo! Messenger will expand the WackyB window to include your friends and family’s latest tweets. To respond, simply enter “@[Twitter username]” and complete your message. Now you are sending and receiving tweets from Twitter on your Yahoo! Messenger account.
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