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Reveal Hidden Friends with Yahoo! Invisible Hack

Invisible Hack for Yahoo! Messenger


While some Yahoo! Messenger users sign-on to their IM client available for all their contacts to see, others may set availability status to invisible to cloak themselves from other people they seek to avoid.

Instead of sticking around for your would-be Yahoo! contacts to reveal themselves, using a Yahoo! Messenger Invisible Hack helps uncover hidden contacts—or confirms they are actually offline.

How to Use Yahoo! Messenger Invisible Hack

While there are several Yahoo! Messenger Invisible Hack applications you can download and install, it is recommended you use a web-based Yahoo! Invisible Hack to protect yourself from malicious viruses and malware from third-party software vendors.
  1. Navigate Your Web Browser. The first step is to navigate your web browser to a site offering a Yahoo! Messenger Invisible Hack.

  2. Enter Your Contact’s Yahoo! ID. Next, enter the Yahoo! ID or screenname for the contact you’d like to investigate using the invisible hack.

  3. Press Search. Last, press the search button (sometimes replaced with a Yahoo! themed magnifying glass). In a few moments, the information regarding your Yahoo! contact’s actual status will be revealed, uncovering whether they are hidden (and thus, available) or not.
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