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Casey Anthony's IMs (May 3)

Orange County Releases Alleged Murderer's IM Records


Casey Anthony's IMs (May 3)

To maintain the integrity of these conversations, every line has been presented as originally typed by the parties, Casey Anthony (CASEY O MARIE) and then-boyfriend Tony Rusciano (NYITALIANO3), including any misspellings, grammar and punctuation errors. Warning: The following IM logs contain adult language. Reader’s discretion is advised.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

NYITALIANO3 (11:11:46 AM): ??

CASEY O MARIE (11:12:31 AM): i’m going to have to call you in a bit. if I don’t finish this shit for work, i’m screwed

CASEY O MARIE (11:12:34 AM): i’ve been up since 5.

NYITALIANO3 (11:12:55 AM): ok, well what are the chances of chillin today at all?

CASEY O MARIE (11:13:27 AM): very good. as long as I can get this stuff done, and sent to my boss.

CASEY O MARIE (11:13:35 AM): this is my way of getting out of a wedding tonight

NYITALIANO3 (11:13:48 AM): you got a time guess?

CASEY O MARIE (11:14:56 AM): it’s going to be a couple hours, realistically

NYITALIANO3 (11:15:15 AM): yep

NYITALIANO3 signed off at 11:15:53 AM

Ten Hours Later

NYITALIANO3 (9:13:10 PM): get over here woman

CASEY O MARIE (9:13:18 PM): baby, if only.

CASEY O MARIE (9:13:24 PM): i’m going crazy over here

NYITALIANO3 (9:13:35 PM): even if its late come sleep

CASEY O MARIE (9:13:48 PM): that’s my plan

CASEY O MARIE (9:13:52 PM): i’m online so I can stay awake

CASEY O MARIE (9:13:58 PM): at least the kid is passed out

NYITALIANO3 (9:14:13 PM): get your rents home damnit

CASEY O MARIE (9:14:28 PM): i wish I knew where they were

NYITALIANO3 (9:14:44 PM): wtf

CASEY O MARIE (9:14:50 PM): seriously

NYITALIANO3 (9:16:11 PM): this really sucks its like 3 times now shjit has come up

CASEY O MARIE (9:16:36 PM): every other times it’s been work. honestly, I’ll start throwing that on the back burner

CASEY O MARIE (9:16:41 PM): but this, with my folks, i’m pissed

CASEY O MARIE (9:16:46 PM): my mom and i had a deal

NYITALIANO3 (9:17:24 PM): yeah

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