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Resources: Suggested Reading and New IM Trends

From learning new ways to use your instant messenger to reading about IM statistics, research and articles of interest, this collection of resources is a perfect spot for any IM aficionado.
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Jordan Craft - Instant Messaging Contributing Writer
Learn more about Jordan Craft, contributing writer for About.com Instant Messaging, part of the New York Times Co.

Mitt Romney, Republicans and The Internet
Republicans seek to end regulation of the Internet, protect First Amendment freedom of speech, but prohibit gambling.

Gary Johnson, Libertarians and The Internet
What do Libertarians believe in regards to the Internet, Net Neutrality and Online Gambling? Find out here.

Instant Messaging and September 11, 2001
From saving lives to helping others get in touch with loved ones, instant messaging played an integral role in the hours and days following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Making Faces: The Dream Job of Creating Emoticons
Could you imagine getting paid to create Facebook emoticons? For Facemoods co-founder Arnon Harish, dreaming up all those cute little Facebook emoticons is all in a day's work.

Chat Rooms for Moms and Parents
Looking to chat with other moms? Check out the top 7 Mom chat rooms.

Did Odigo Employees Have Advanced Warning of 9/11?
Did the Odigo instant messenger office in Israel receive advanced notice of the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington D.C.? Learn more about Odigo's September 11 connection here.

Barack Obama, Democrats and The Internet
Republicans seek to end regulation of the Internet, protect First Amendment freedom of speech, but prohibit gambling.

Is Black House a Racist Video Game?
Black House is a free online game where users portray President Barack Obama punting former president George W. Bush from the presidency. But, could Black House's racist message be more than fun and games?

How to Use Chatville Facebook App
New to the Chatville Facebook App? Learn how to use Chatville on Facebook with friends, family and strangers.

Greyson Chance or Justin Bieber? Who is Better?
Which teen perfomer is better? Greyson Chance or Justin Bieber? Weigh in and tell us why you think Greyson Chance or Justin Bieber is a better performer.

Windows 7 Beta Compatible IMs
Downloaded Windows 7 Beta yet? If you have, you might find some of your IM clients are not compatible with Windows 7. Find out with IMs will work on Windows 7 Beta OS.

Twestival Experiences Around the World
Did you go to your town or school's Twestival? Show off your Twestival and tell us why your city had the best Twestival of the year.

Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Edward or Jacob? Which is better? Team Edward or Team Jacob?

How to Put IM on Your Website
Create interactivity on your blog or website by letting your friends, family and readers connect with you using an IM widget.

Turning IM into Cheap Home Phone Service
Looking to cut costs? Lose your home phone and get cheap home phone service with your favorite IM client. Our guide will show you how to connect to cheap home phone service from your desktop or laptop PC and how you can take service anywhere with an Internet connection.

Recent IM Habits Released in AP-AOL Survey
After more than a decade as a communication medium, the instant messaging industry is facing a second-generation surge of patronage spurred by increased cell phone and social networking usage, a new survey reveals.

Instant Messages Become Hot Open Records Item
With a number of high-profile cases, analysts said instant messages and electronic communications are becoming the most sought records under state records request laws.

Three Steps to Keeping In Touch on IM
Whether you want to boost chat with family, friends or business associates, IM is the perfect way to increase your conversations. We have three easy steps to more chat in 2009.

Registry Cleaning Solves Most IM Problems
If your computer freezes up or your computer is running slow, a registry cleaner may do the trick. Registry cleaners fix and remove corrupt of damaged registry keys that may cause your IM and PC to work inefficiently.

Six Tips for Organizing Your IM
Whether tackling the task of organizing your IM contact lists as a New Years Resolution or a spring cleaning task, it is never too late to make IM a more efficient communications tool at work, at home or at school.

Get McCain, Obama on Your IM
Voice your choice for president of the United States with these instant messenger icons.

Language Students Benefit from IM Collaboration
Linguistics professor Susana M. Sotillo says instant messaging is a great collaborative tool for learning a foreign language with a native-speaking tutor present.

Substituting AIM on Windows Vista
Despite security and performance issues arising from using AIM 6.5 on Windows Vista, IM users can still access their AIM buddies with a number of options.

Becoming a Celebrated IM Developer
Want to become an instant messenger developer? dotSyntax, About.com's 2008 Developers of the Year, discuss their Digsby client and where beginners should start in building their own IM.

Inviting Friends Out with Your IM
Whether you are throwing an impromptu party or a well-planned fiesta, sending IMs is a great way to invite people to your next get-together.

How Americans Use Instant Messaging
In this 2004 Pew Internet & American Life survey, respondents reveal their attitudes and behaviors surrounding instant messaging use.

Fastest Growing IM Destinations
In July 2007, Nielsen Netratings released the year's fastest growing instant messaging destinations on the Internet.

International IM Usage Statistics
In this surprising 2006 Comscore study, Europeans were found to share the world's largest base of IM users over any other continental region in the world.

Teens & Technology
It might not come as much as a surprise to some that researchers with Pew Internet & American Life Project found teens are the driving market behind the Internet. This 2005 study includes statistics on Instant Messaging use.

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