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Locate the AIM for Mac Download File
AIM for Mac Download
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After downloading AIM for Mac v2.2, you must open the downloaded file to continue installing the IM client to your computer. The easiest way to find the AIM for Mac installer is to click the "Downloads" icon on your dock, generally located at the bottom of the desktop.

A list of recently downloaded files will appear. Double-click the file labeled "AIM_for_Mac.dmg" to open the program on your desktop.

Need Help Finding the AIM for Mac Download?

If you are having difficulties finding the AIM for Mac download file on the dock, or you have removed the "Downloads" icon from the dock, Mac search is a second means of finding the installer. You can use Mac search, also known as Spotlight, by locating the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of the desktop screen.

Click the magnifying glass and enter "AIM_for_Mac.dmg" in the resulting text field. If Mac search locates the file, double-click its title to open the download file. If your search does not yield a result, go back to step one and re-download the file.

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