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The 5 Most Popular IM Clients

Learn More About the Most Used IM Clients on the Internet


Based on the total active users, the five IM clients herein comprise our list of the most popular IM clients on the Internet today.

Regardless of whether you use their software or connect them all using a multi-protocol IM client, these IMs are the source of majority experience for IM users.

Check out the top 5 most popular IM clients:

1. AIM

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AIM is the most popular IM client in the United States, with more than 53 million users. Innovative and fun to use, the AIM IM Client offers such exciting features as photo and file sharing, audio/webcam chat and IM-to-cell phone integration. Learn more about AIM and download your AIM client today.

2. Gtalk (Google Talk)

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Google's answer to IM, in the form of Gtalk, is one of the most simple IM clients on the market today.  With few frills and a small IM client size, Gtalk is a favorite for Gmail and Google users who want an easy-to-use IM solution on their PCs, with the added benefit of the most important IM features: voicemail, file sharing and audio/video chat.

3. ICQ

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Formerly known as Mirabilis, ICQ is an exciting, versatile IM client with many popular features, including chat rooms, photo Buddy Icon cropping, social network feeds and more. Notice similarities between ICQ and AIM? There are many, as AOL bought ICQ in 1998 and still operate it today as a separate IM client. (Lucky us!)

4. Windows Live Messenger

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Formerly MSN, Windows Live Messenger is Microsoft Windows OS's native IM client, developed alongside the rest of the Windows Live products. This IM client offers an excellent, easy-to-use interface and popular features expected from today's IM clients.

5. Yahoo! Messenger

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America's third most popular IM client, based on total users, is also one of the most innovative, offering popular chat rooms within the IM client, PC-to-PC calls, and cheap PC-to-Phone calls. Check out Yahoo's popular features and learn why it is one of the most popular and downloaded clients to date.

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