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The 2009 Best IM Awards


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Best Third-Party IM Client: eBuddy
The 2009 Best IM Awards

This year’s winner of the Best Third-Party IM has rapidly made a name for themselves as the go-to web-based IM client for Internet users around the globe.

eBuddy, a new favorite around my office, offers one of the most exciting web-based IM experiences. From easy-to-use login and account set-up to a wealth of personalization options to the ease of having one single chat window with tabbed conversations, eBuddy has proven itself worthy of being named this year’s Best Third-Party IM.

Bookmark eBuddy’s web site now for IM anytime, anywhere.

How Readers Voted

  • Adium – 435 votes (0 percent)
  • Brosix – 12344 votes (21 percent)
  • Digsby – 20419 votes (34 percent)
  • eBuddy*– 25371 votes (43 percent)
  • IMO.im – 153 votes(0 percent)
*denotes winner
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