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Readers' Choice Awards 2011: Best IM


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Best Business IM of 2011: Brosix
Readers' Choice Awards 2011: Best IM
With a laundry list of great collaboration tools, About.com users have continuously backed Brosix as a stellar product, and 2011's Best Business IM client. As a perennial favorite of Readers' Choice Awards participants, Brosix helps make creating your own private IM network for enterprise or personal use easy, with its light and simple IM client.

Why Brosix is 2011's Best Business IM

While Brosix faced the likes of some pretty big and well-known business IM clients, their users flocked to the Readers' Choice Awards for one reason: They absolutely support the great product they have found in Brosix Enterprise and Brosix Public.

The level of dedication I have seen from its users is a testament to their product's strengths, which include text messaging, voice and video chat, an award-winning whiteboard feature, screenshots and more, in one affordable package for enterprise/business users.

Get the Best Business IM of 2011: Brosix Public

How Our Readers Voted

  • 24im - 4%
  • BigAnt - 2%
  • Brosix* - 86%
  • Campfire - 2%
  • Lync/Microsoft Communicator - 6%

*denotes winner

Best Mobile IM Finalists

24im is a versatile desktop IM client and web messenger for businesses and organizations, with a number of security and collaboration features perfect for any enterprise.

BigAnt Office Messenger
The BigAnt business IM offers secure instant messaging, file transfer, voip, video chat, web conferencing and more. Also supports Blackberry access.

Brosix is a third-party IM client for users who wish to build their own private IM network.

Designed especially with groups in mind, Campfire allows users to share text, files, and code in real time, plus with transcription services so you always have record of your chats.

Microsoft Lync
Formerly Communicator, Microsoft Lync offers users voice communications, IM, and audio, video and Web conferencing all in one package for enterprises.

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