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Brosix Offers Brains, Not Beauty

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Brosix Offers Brains, Not Beauty

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The Bottom Line

Brosix Public, the sister client to the Brosix Enterprise IM Client, incorporates some of the best features we’ve come to love from other single-protocol IM clients but with the security features necessary to protect ourselves—and our PCs—from potential problems.


  • Easy-to-Use Client Makes IM a Breeze
  • Wealth of Features Make Brosix an Amazing Client
  • Strong Security/Encryption Sets Brosix Apart from Pack


  • Adding Contacts Difficult without Knowing Screennames
  • Flat Gray Boxes Not Very Attractive


  • Brosix may be small, but they have the support and the tools to help businesses, organizations and individuals do big things.

  • Unless you know many Brosix users or have the potential of adding many to the service, this client may not be for you.

  • While Brosix doesn't win any beauty contest, it has serious power and valuable features.

Guide Review - Brosix Offers Brains, Not Beauty

While Brosix Public's boasting point can be the sheer number of great features this IM client supports, this is not a client that will have universal appeal.

However, if you are in an organization looking to use an IM client among members or perhaps a parent looking for a great IM client to connect grandparents and grandkids without having to worry about who else might be lurking online, this is the IM client for you.

While admittedly this isn't the prettiest IM client, Brosix offers more than enough in terms of value that it shouldn't be easily brushed off. In my testing of the Brosix Public client, I found it to be easier to use than AIM or Yahoo! Messenger, not to mention more efficient.

No bugs or major design flaws were found, nor evidence of problems with video or audio quality during testing of the more advanced IM features Brosix offers.

With a little design work, a larger network of users and an easier way of finding other members, Brosix would be, in my opinion, a very attractive client worth dumping some of the big guys for.

Brosix might not be the beauty, but it packs a punch in the brains department, making it a client that should be taken seriously by IM users looking for a client for their business, organization and personal needs.

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