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IM for New Users: Basic IM Features

After downloading your instant messenger and choosing your screenname, the next step is to learn how to perform the most basic but essential tasks with your software: sending an IM, and, of course, adding new friends to your buddy list.
  1. AIM (23)
  2. Brosix Public (2)
  3. Chatab Web Messenger (3)
  4. Digsby (4)
  5. Facebook Chat (18)
  6. Google Talk (4)
  7. ICQ (4)
  8. MySpaceIM (4)
  9. Nimbuzz (4)
  10. Pidgin IM (3)
  11. Windows Live Messenger (7)
  12. Yahoo! Messenger (13)
  13. Yuuguu for New Users (3)
  14. eBuddy Web Messenger (7)

Where to IM Me
Want to IM me? Check out which IM clients I am using, and where you can IM me with questions, comments and more!

Adding Contacts to Your IM Buddy List
Want to expand your chat friends? Trade screennames with friends and family and add your chat contacts to your IM, including AIM, Digsby, Google Talk, Meebo, Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger clients.

Creating Groups on Your Buddy List
Creating groups on IM help organize all the people you chat with, from friends to family.

290 Ways to Show Emotion on IM
Want to learn how to capture emotions on text-based IM clients? Our library of emoticons for every IM client will show you how!

Creating Groups in Meebo
Whether you are looking to add a section for a new niche of friends or you desire to make your Meebo experience more efficient, adding groups to your contact list is the fastest way to organize your IM client.

Top 8 Free Webcam Sites

Are you looking for free webcam sites? While you could spend hours searching the Internet for free webcam sites, I have prepared my top picks for best free webcam sites anywhere. So, connect your webcam and lets get started!

Free Webcam Sites -- The Top Free Webcam Sites
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How to Sign In to Windows Live Messenger
The Windows Live Messenger sign in allows users to login to the IM client. In this illustrated tutorial, learn how to sign up for an account and how to use the Windows Live Messenger sign in.

How to Add Accounts to Messages for Mac
In addition to an Apple ID/Messages for Mac account, you can also add AIM, Google Talk, Jabber clients and Yahoo Messenger accounts to your buddy list.

Chat with Meebo Friends on MySpace
Want to connect Meebo and MySpace accounts? Learn how to use Meebo to chat with MySpace users directly from your buddy list.

Chat with Facebook on Meebo
Want to connect Facebook on Meebo? Learn how to use Facebook on Meebo, and chat with your favorite Facebook social network friends directly from your Meebo buddy list.

Windows Live Messenger Tips for Beginners
Just getting started on Windows Live Messenger? Learn how to get your own free Windows Live Messenger account and how to use the basic features you need to chat in this guide especially for beginners.

How to Edit Your MySpace IM Settings
From playing notification sounds to setting your chat privacy, MySpace IM allows users to customize their options and settings to fit their individual needs. Learn how to use these options and settings in this illustrated tutorial.

How to Add, Remove MySpace IM Contacts
Need to make some edits to your MySpace IM buddy list? Learn how to add and remove contacts to your social networking chat account with this illustrated tutorial.

Beginner's Guide to eBuddy Web Messenger
Getting started on the eBuddy Web Messenger can be a challenge for some new users. In this illustrated tutorial guide, new eBuddy Web users will learn how to join and use the basic features of this web-based IM client.

Google Adds Free PC-to-Phone Voice Chat to Plus
Learn how to make free phone calls in Google Plus Hangouts and chat with friends via audio, webcam chat at once.

How to Use IM for Emergency Communications
In times of natural or man-made disaster, telephone and Internet services could be interrupted. In this article, learn how to make instant messaging a means of communicating with friends, family and colleagues.

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