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How to Find Your Instant Messages on AIM for iPhone, iPod Touch
AIM App for iPhone and iPod Touch
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Once you are logged in to the AIM app, you will notice the above screen with your control panel located at the bottom of the screen. This screen is like your navigating screen, where you are able to cruise to other pages the AIM for iPhone offers by tapping the page icons nested in this control panel. Read on to learn about each page you can access from your iPhone or iPod Touch.

How to Find Instant Messages on AIM
By clicking the word balloon icon in the lower right corner of the screen, AIM for iPhone, iPod Touch users can locate any incoming instant messages and archived chats.

How to Delete Messages in AIM
After you have ended a chat, you may want to remove the conversation from your messages screen to make way for new IMs. In the upper right corner, a button titled "Edit" will appear. Click the button and you will notice a series of red icons will appear next to each conversation. Click the red icon next to the message you wish to delete, then press the red "Close" button which appears to the right of the contact or chat.

Click the "Done" button, which now appears where the "Edit" button was, to return to the contacts list.

How to Set Your Availability in AIM for iPhone
Within the AIM app, users can also set their availability from the messages screen. Click the circle icon in the upper right corner to gain access to the availability drop-down menu, then select the desired setting:

  • Available (green icon) lets people know you are able to chat
  • Busy (red icon) signifies you cannot chat at the moment.
  • Invisible mode (silver icon) allows you to remain online while appearing offline to contacts. This lets you pick people to exchange IMs with with limited interruption from others.
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