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Connecting to eBuddy for PSP

Learn How to Use Facebook Chat, MSN and More with eBuddy for PSP


Connecting to eBuddy for PSP
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From eBuddy for PC screens to a variety of mobile devices, there is sure to be an eBuddy client for everyone. But, did you know you can also connect with eBuddy for PSP and PSPgo?

eBuddy for PSP requires no download, just a simple URL and your Wi-Fi Internet connection.

Once connected, users can find access to AIM, Gtalk, MSN/Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and even Facebook Talk all on eBuddy for PSP, making keeping in touch fun and portable.

How to Connect to eBuddy for PSP
Ready to get started? Grab your PSP device and follow these easy instructions for connecting to your own eBuddy IM client.

  1. Go to "Network."
  2. Next, choose "Internet Browser."
  3. In the browser's URL bar, enter http://ebuddy.com/psp.
  4. Sign in to eBuddy for PSP

Some users have also reported PSP devices can also utilize the eBuddy Lite Messenger, accessible at http://m.ebuddy.com.

Helpful Hint: To maintain and use multiple IM accounts at once, sign up for a free eBuddy account ID. This will make sign in a breeze and help you start chatting faster.

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