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IM Etiquette: Learning Lingo and the Rules of IMing

While instant messaging can be as simple as a few keystrokes, understanding the language of the IM community can often be a challenging task. This collection of articles and resources can help new users and messaging veterans learn both the lingo and the rules of IM.

The Unwritten, But Now Written Rules to IM
Want to know the rules to IM etiquette? Based on a Facebook Group's online etiquette rules for Windows Live Messenger, these 30+ etiquette rules can help you be a great citizen of the Internet.

Twitter Etiquette Do's and Dont's
Looking for Twitter etiquette tips? Whether you use Twitter for business or personal microblogging, make sure to follow these etiquette tips before you tweet.

Five Bad Habits Your IM Friends Hate
Want to keep your IM contacts longer? Avoid these most often practiced annoyances on instant messenger

Seven More IM Habits We Hate
After posting our Five Annoying Habits on Instant Messenger, About.com readers jumped at the chance to share even more bad habits.

Quiz: Are You a Good IM Buddy?
Want to find out if your IM friendship is priceless or more pestilent? Take this quiz and measure your Instant Messaging Etiquette savvy.

How to Use Instant Messaging to Break Up
Once considered taboo, breaking up online with a boyfriend or girlfriend is becoming more acceptable as Internet use grows.

Eight Etiquette Rules for Using IM at Work
Become a courteous coworker on instant messenger with these eight important etiquette rules and best practices.

Instant Messaging Etiquette
Frank Thorsberg explores ten proper manners to instant messaging in this PCWorld-About.com article.

Microsoft Network's Guide to IM Etiquette
Download Microsoft Network's free guide to Instant Messaging Etiquette.

Inc.com's IM Etiquette 101
This article reveals the should and should nots of instant messaging.

IM Etiquette Tips | Plaxo Blog
This blog post from Plaxo Privacy Officer Stacy Martin shares some great tips for keeping polite in IM communications.

EPolicy Institute: Thirty-Two Instant Messaging Rules
This handy PDF file lists thirty-two legal rules when it comes to sending instant messages at work and at home.

What Not to Do on Twitter
Don't get caught making the same mistakes these people did on Twitter. These practices could ruin your reputation, if not your life.

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