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IM Glossary -- IM Client and Internet Terms

From 'clients' to 'spim,' the terminology behind instant messaging can often be intimidating for new users. This easy-to-use glossary can help demystify these terms for both new and seasoned messengers.

Buddy Chat
Buddy Chat is a feature of AOL Instant Messenger allowing users to chat with more than one user in either a pre-existing or user-created chatroom.

A client is an individual instant messenger.

Offline Messages
Offline messages are instant messages delivered and logged while a user is signed off their IM client.

These small installer applications expand multimedia features to an IM client.

A document allowing other users to learn more about you, your interests and activities.

Rate Limiting
A security feature which prevents a user from sending too many instant messages at once.

Digital wallpaper for your IM client.

SMS Messages
A message sent directly to a cell phone via an IM client.

IM Logging
A feature which saves the dialogue between two IM users from every instant message sent.

Spam Bot
What is a spam bot? Learn what a spam bot is and why these malicious little critters can cause huge headaches for the Internet user.

Status Messages
Messages created by users to describe their current state or what they are doing.

Stealth Setting
A feature of Yahoo! Messenger which allows users to designate how other users see them on their individual friends list.

What is sexting? Learn more about sexting, explicit cell phoen pictures, sexually suggestive messages.

Have you ever sent a tweet? Find out what tweeting is and how you can get in on this emerging Internet phenomenon.

Invisible Mode
Learn how invisible mode can help you avoid certain users while engaging in conversation with others.

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