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Messenger Downloads: Installing Your New IM

Whether it's the latest messenger download you are looking for or your very first IM client, our easy, step-by-step IM download guide makes installation simple. Choose your messenger download, follow the illustrated download guide and you will be on your way to IMing in no time!
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  3. Mobile IM Downloads (17)
  4. Old Messenger Downloads (7)
  5. Portable IM (7)

The Latest Messenger Download List
Looking for the latest messenger download? Find out which IM clients have a new messenger download, and follow our illustrated tutorials to get your free IM client download.

24im Desktop Business IM Client Download
Download 24im, a desktop business IM client. Get your free 24im download and illustrated tutorial here.

Download AIM for Windows 1.0
Keep in touch with friends on AIM, Facebook, Google Chat and your favorite social media services with the all-new AIM for Windows.

Download AIM 7.3
Want to download AIM 7.3? Learn how to download AIM 7.3 in five simple steps.

Download AIM for Mac 1.0
Connect your buddy list with your favorite social media services with AIM for Mac 1.0.

Brosix Public IM Client Download
Looking for a free download for the Brosix Public IM Client? Our step-by-step guide to Brosix will show you how to get your free download of Brosix Public IM Client.

How to Download eBuddy on PC
Want to download eBuddy on PC or Mac computers? Learn how you can download eBuddy on PC and keep connected right from your computer.

Download Digsby IM Client for Windows (Build 77)
Looking for the latest Digsby download? Get your Digsby download for Build 77, released March 25, 2010.

Getting Started on Google Talk
Download and install Google Talk with ease using our illustrated guide.

Download Facebook Messenger for Windows
Get desktop access to your favorite Facebook Chat friends with the social network's first downloadable IM client. With Facebook Messenger for Windows, send and receive instant messages, get access to new inbox messages and email, view updates from friends and more.

Download ICQ 7 for Windows
Have You Downloaded ICQ 7? Learn How to Download ICQ 7 Step By Step.

Instantbird 0.2 Beta 2 Download for Windows
Looking for the latest Instantbird download? Learn more and download Instantbird 0.2 Beta 2.

How to Download & Install MySpaceIM
Registered users of MySpace.com, a social networking Web site, have the ability to communicate with friends and other members through the site's dedicated instant messenger, MySpaceIM. Learn how to to download, install and sign on to the program with this simple tutorial.

Download Miranda IM Client
Need to download Miranda IM client? Download Miranda now on About.com.

Free Nimbuzz Download for Windows OS
Get the latest free Nimbuzz download. Start chatting with friends and family with your free Nimbuzz download.

Download Pidgin IM Client
Need to find a Pidgin download? Find out how to get your Pidgin download for free on About.com.

Windows Live Messenger Downloads Guide

Download Skype 5.0 for Windows
Looking for the latest Skype download? Learn how to get your free Skype download for version 5.0, with access to Facebook friends.

How to Download Yahoo Messenger 11
Want to download Yahoo Messenger 11 to your PC? Learn how to get the latest Messenger download in this illustrated tutorial.

Download Trillian Astra
Get the new Trillian Astra! Upgrade and discover an exciting IM experience with Trillian Astra.

Windows Live Messenger 2011 Download Instructions
In the latest version of Windows Live Messenger 2011, users move beyond instant messaging to include HD video chats, two-player games and more. Learn how to download Windows Live Messenger 2011 here.

Yuuguu -- Free Download Yuuguu
Try Yuuguu for free! Learn how to download Yuuguu IM and web conferencing client with Skype for free.

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