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How to Get IM Text Messages on Your Cell Phone

Receive IMs in Your Text Inbox


While you might be well versed in receiving IMs on your computer, did you know many IM clients now offer IMs via text message on your cell phone?

Setting up IM text service typically takes only a few moments and can ensure you receive every important IM-and the less important ones, too.

Setting up your phone to receive IM text messages can ultimately save you a bundle on mobile web services and cell phone minutes; why call when you have instant access to all your IM friends in your text message inbox?

Setting Up IM Text Service

Check out these handy instructions for setting up IM text service with the following IM clients:

Sending IM Texts from Home

Want to save your text messages, too? Consider sending IMs to your friend's text messaging-enabled phones on these IM clients:

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