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Yahoo Messenger - Why I Love Yahoo Messenger

Share Your Story: Which IM Client is Your Most Favorite?

By Jeff David

Which IM Client is Your Favorite and Why?

My favorite IM client is Yahoo Messenger because it has a lot of the features I am looking for, is easy to use and is a brand I trust. As far as IM clients go, Yahoo Messenger is the easiest for new IM users, and the best looking.

What is this IM Client's Most Useful or Cool Feature?

I am a big fan of Yahoo Messenger's plugins, which allow me to expand the features and flexibility of the IM client. I currently have a weather plugin that gives me the local forecast, a games plugin to play against friends, and a Twitter plugin so I can update from the IM client. You can add a lot of cool features just be adding plugins to Yahoo Messenger.

Tips and Tricks

  • Before signing out of Yahoo Messenger, make sure to physically go to the menu and sign out. Clicking the "X" to close out too many times can corrupt the IM client software.
  • Yahoo Messenger has fun games to access and play against friends.
  • Don't use Yahoo Chat because it is full of robots and spam!
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