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Instant Messaging: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
The 7 Best Free Chat Rooms on Instant Messenger
Chat with new people, find romance or love, or meet new local friends using these IM-based chatrooms.
Are You Using one of Top 12 Free Private Chat...
Looking for a free private chat room? Check out 12 free private chat room providers to create chatrooms and communicate with friends and family.
How to Download Yahoo Messenger 9.0 in 9 Easy...
Find the old version of Yahoo Messenger 9.0 for download to your Windows PC for free.
How to Sign-In to Yahoo Messenger
Ready to sign in to Yahoo Messenger? In order to complete the Yahoo sign in, you need an ID and password. Find out more about getting signed in to Yahoo in this illustrated tutorial.
8 Sites to Have Video Chats
Looking for free webcam sites? Check out my picks for the top 8 places to chat online with your webcam and microphone.
How to Video Chat on IMO Now
Have you seen IMO.im's new video chat service, IMO Now? Learn how to launch a webcam chat with friends using their new service in this brief illustrated tutorial.
How to Use Yahoo! Chat
Discover a bounty of new friends and chat experiences in Yahoo! Chat.
How to Sign In to Google Talk's IM Client
Ready to experience Google Talk? Learn how to sign in to the Google Talk IM client and start IMing the Google way.
Here's How You Can IM Without Downloading Yahoo...
Want to use Yahoo Messenger without downloading the IM client? Check out Yahoo Web Messenger, designed especially for Yahoo Messenger users.
Need to Download Yahoo Instant Messenger 11?...
Want to download Yahoo Messenger 11 to your PC? Learn how to get the latest Messenger download in this illustrated tutorial.
Everything You Need to Know about Buying Badoo...
What is a Badoo Credit? What are Super Powers? Learn more about them and how both can lead to meeting more people on the Badoo chat and social networking service.
How to Download the Yahoo Messenger for iPhone...
Want to learn how to download the Yahoo Messenger for iPhone app? Learn how to download this IM client with the App Store on your iPhone or iPod device.
What is Badoo?
Want to meet new people? Badoo is a chat and social networking site for people looking for new friends and potential dates. Free to join and always exciting. Learn more about Badoo in this beginner's guide.
Top 12 Web Messengers
Web messengers are a great way to keep in touch without a download, but, which one is best? Check out my picks for the top 12 web messengers online.
This Trick Instantly Deletes Your Facebook Chat...
Learn how to delete Facebook Chat history from your instant messaging windows with this simple tip.
Everything You Need to Download, Install and...
Get your own free Facebook Chat download for your Android phone or device and start sending instant messages with the Facebook Messages app.
Meet More People in MySpace Chat Room
Join fellow MySpace friends and users in MySpaceIM Chat Rooms.
How to Send Free Text Messages with Gmail
Want to send text messages free of charge? Sign onto Google Talk and send Want to send text messages free of charge?
What You Need to Know to Get Started with...
Chat with friends on Google Talk right from your computer's desktop.
Get Audio, Video Chat in Gmail
Using Gmail video and audio chat is simple and only takes minutes to get started. Follow these three steps to video or audio chat with friends using Gmail.
Everything You Need to Know to Get Started with...
Register to use the Badoo chat and social networking site, and start meeting new people online in minutes. Includes instructions for Badoo for Android, iPhone and mobile web services.
Badoo Online Guide for Beginners
Get help to sign in to the Badoo chat and social networking site with your account login or Facebook account.
Everything You Need to Know to Use Yahoo's...
Ready to login to Yahoo Messenger Web? Grab your Yahoo ID and password and learn how to use the Yahoo Messenger Web login with this brief, illustrated tutorial.
Trying to Find Real People in Yahoo Chat Rooms?...
Want to find Yahoo chat rooms with real people? While navigating through all the bots can be tricky, you can still find real people in these Yahoo chat rooms.
Launching Free Video Chats on IM
Looking for free video chats? Check out this exciting list of free video chats on IM clients.
How to Download Kik for iPhone, iPod and iPad...
Chat with friends, send YouTube videos and more when you download Kik to your Apple device.
How to Download and Setup Kik App on Your...
Chat with friends for free when you download Kik to your Android device. Get your free download here.
How to Find Chatrooms on Yahoo Messenger 11.5
Meet new friends and discuss a variety of topics with Messenger's Yahoo Chat feature.
Everything You Need to Know about Yahoo Instant...
Want to learn more about Yahoo Messenger? Check out our library on Yahoo Messenger and how you can use this IM client to meet new friends!
How to Sign Up for Windows Live Messenger
Ready to sign up for Windows Live Messenger? In this illustrated tutorial, learn how to sign up for an account and how to use the Windows Live Messenger sign in.
Want to Find Chat Rooms on AIM? Here's How
Looking for your AIM Chat Rooms? AOL has moved your favorite AIM Chat Rooms from its website and AIM client to AOL Desktop. Learn where to find AIM chat rooms with this handy tutorial.
How to Sign Up for a Free eBuddy Account
Are you an eBuddy user yet? Sign up for a free eBuddy account.
Download Jack'd for Android Devices
Meet gay men for friendship and fun with the Jack'd Android app. Install the free download in seconds.
These Are the Best Chat Rooms for Moms and Dads
Looking to chat with other moms? Check out the top 7 Mom chat rooms.
8 Free Text Messaging Services, Apps
Want free text messaging? Here are 8 ways to send and receive free text messages on your iPhone or mobile device.
How to Access Your Facebook Chat History
Want to access your Facebook Chat history? From moderate access on your profile to free Facebook Chat log applications, we're exploring all the ways to read your Facebook Chat history.
Top Video Chats for Long Distance Relationships
When you can't schedule a face-to-face date, these hot video chat sites and programs are the next best thing for the long distance couple.
An In Depth Look at Yahoo Chat Rooms Directory...
What's inside the Yahoo Chat rooms directory? If you are new to Yahoo Chat, learn what you'll find in the Yahoo Chat rooms directory in this illustrated guide.
How to Locate IM Chat Logs on Your Computer
Want to know how to find IM logs on your computer? This easy guide shows you were to look for read the chat logs for all the users on a computer.
Need Help Singing into eBuddy Light? Here's How...
The eBuddy Lite login is the first thing mobile users will see when launching this mobile web instant messenger.
A Beginner's Guide to Badoo for Android
Learn about all the functions and features on Badoo's Android app and start meeting new friends and dates in your area today.
10 Benefits of Badoo Super Powers
Did you know there is a set of premium features on Badoo? A guide to the social network's paid features to help you gain more attention.
Did You Know You Could Chat with Google Plus?...
New to Google+ and need help with chat? Check out this extensive illustrated tutorial on how to use Chat within the Google Plus social network.
Meet New Friends with ICQ Chat Rooms
Looking for exciting chat rooms? Look no further than ICQ. Check out the ICQ chat rooms and meet new people today!
Badoo for Mobile Web
Sign in to Badoo's mobile web chat and social networking service to meet new friends and dates in your area without even downloading an app.
How to Login to AirG
Ready to start using AirG? Learn how to use your AirG login, and what to do if you lose your AirG login and password.
Single-Protocol IM Clients
Single-protocol IM clients allow IM users the ability to chat with contacts on a single IM network.
How to Send Instant Messages from Gmail
Want to learn how to send IMs and launch webcam chats in Gmail? Now you can use Gmail to send IMs and more as easily as Google Talk users do.
Sending Free Text Messages with Yahoo! Messenger
Want to send text messages free of charge? Sign onto Yahoo Messenger and send unlimited free text messages today.
What You Need to Know about the Nigerian Dating...
One woman's harrowing story of falling in love with an Internet scam artist from Nigeria.
How to Sign Out of Facebook Messenger
Learn how to download the Facebook Messenger app for iPhone and iPod Touch and get started on the social network's instant messaging client from your device.
Delete Your Kik Account on Android
Removing Kik from your Android device and deleting your account takes just a few steps.
Is This the Best Free Mobile Messenger App?
Want to add Facebook Chat to Nimbuzz? Learn how to add your Facebook Chat account to your Nimbuzz buddy list in this step-by-step, illustrated tutorial.
Using Gmail Audio/Video Chat
Launching a webcam or audio chat in your Gmail inbox is easy. Requires installation of the Gmail Audio/Webcam Chat plugin.
What is an Instant Message?
What is an instant message and how does it work? Learn more about using instant messages effectively, how to get started and the best times to use them in this FAQs article for beginners.
8 Types of Guys You Meet on Grindr
There are lots of guys on gay apps, but few categories worth dating. Learn about the 8 types of men you're likely to encounter.
Send Text Messages for Free with AIM
Want to send text messages free of charge? Sign onto AIM and send unlimited free text messages today.
Could Omegle Topple Chatroulette?
Omegle founder Leif K-Brooks may be helming the future of webcam chat. Check out my new interview with Omegle's chief mastermind, and why Omegle might even beat Chatroulette as the Internet's premier webcam site.
Tips and Tricks: Yahoo Messenger for the Web
Looking for a Yahoo Messenger web client? Users can find an online solution for use behind firewalls at school or work with Yahoo Messenger for the Web.
An Easy Guide to Creating Your Own Google Chat...
Use Party Chat to launch your own chat room in Google Talk.
The 6 Types of IM Client Software
While you might know an IM client is required to chat with friends and family, did you know there are six different types of IM client software, each with their own respective audience? Learn your IM client type and how to pick the best app for your needs.
Top 10 Screen Name Generators on the Web
Looking for a great screen name generator? Check out my top picks for the 10 best screen name generator sites on the Web.
What is Instant Messaging?
What is instant messaging? Start here to learn a wealth of knowledge about what IM involves, how it works and how to get on your own messenger account.
Download Yahoo Messenger for Android
Learn how to download Yahoo Messenger for Android phones and devices for free in this illustrated, step-by-step tutorial.
Download Facebook Messenger for Windows
Want to keep the conversation going after you've closed your Facebook account? Download Facebook Messenger for Windows and learn how to keep in touch with this desktop instant messenger.
How to Send IMs with Google Talk
Want to send IMs with Google Talk? Learn how to start sending and receiving Google Talk IMs with friends and family and discover how Google does IM.
Everything You Need to Know to Unlock the Full...
Need help with Yahoo Chat? Whether you are a beginner or veteran chatter, you will find the latest hints, tips and tricks for Yahoo Chat right here.
How to Download Badoo App for Android on Google...
Learn how to download Badoo for Android, create your new profile and start meeting people and dates for free in your area on your Android device.
Download GROWLr for Android
Meet bears, cubs and more on Android with the Growlr gay app download.
How You Add Contacts in Yahoo Messenger
Once you have signed up as a Yahoo! Messenger user, ask your friends and family for their Yahoo! ID and start adding them to your Yahoo! Messenger contact list.
How to Use Facebook Chat
Keep in touch with friends on Facebook Chat, the social network's popular embedded instant messaging feature. IM, video chat and more here.
Want to Make the Most of eBuddy Web IM? Try...
Are you new to the eBuddy web messenger? Learn more about eBuddy Web, and how you can chat on all your IM accounts at once with this exciting client.
How to Use AOL Instant Messenger from Your AIM...
AIM Mail now features IM in your email inbox. Sign in to AIM in your AIM Mail.
Trying to Find iChat for Windows? Read This
Looking for iChat for Windows? Check out our 5 iChat for Windows alternatives.
How to Make Free International Calls with...
Looking to place free PC-to-phone calls on Google Talk? Take advantage of free VoIP services for Google Talk with Gtalk-to-VoIP.
How to Use Gmail's Free Video Chat
Gmail users can now enjoy audio and video chat in your Gmail inbox using a special plugin from Google.
Getting Started on Windows Live Messenger
Ready to download Windows Live Messenger? This guide illustrates how to download your free Windows Live Messenger software to your PC in three easy steps. The download and installation process is simple and you can use your free Windows Live Messenger software within minutes!
The Complete Guide to Smileys on Facebook
Convey feelings and add context to your instant messages with these 26 Facebook Chat emoticons.
Wondering What the Difference Is between Skype...
Are the Skype Premium features worth the cost? Learn more about the differences between the premium version and Skype Free before your sign up.
How to Download iChat's Replacement, 'Messages...
Messages will replace iChat as the native instant messaging application for Mac OS X Mountain Lion. OS X Lion users can get a sneak peek and download Messages for Mac beta using this illustrated tutorial.
Looking for a Free Chat Client on Mac? Try...
Discover a bounty of new friends and chat experiences in Yahoo! Chat. Learn how to find free Yahoo Chat Rooms on Yahoo Messenger for Mac.
Jack'd Stands Out Among the Crowded Gay Apps...
Whether you want to meet for friends or for fun, Jack'd is the finest gay app available to smartphone users today.
How to Access AirG Chat on the Computer
Browse profiles and talk with AirG Chat users on your computer with this simple tutorial. W
Sending Free Text Messages with Your IM
Want to learn how to send free text messages? Send text messages free with one of these free IM clients and save money each month on your phone bill.
How to Sign In to AIM Express
At school or at work, AIM Express is a great way to chat with your favorite AIM Buddies without a download. AIM Express is a free, web-based IM client users can access with their AIM screenname. Learn how to sign in and start using AIM Express.
How to Block Users on Facebook Chat
Whether you wish to block all Facebook Chat users or just selected members of your friends list, this illustrated tutorial will show you how.
Having Problems with Facebook Chat? Here's the...
Is Facebook Chat not working properly? Unfortunately, Facebook Chat problems are common and can get pretty annoying for people who like to chat with their friends online. Learn how to combat Facebook Chat problems with these spot on solutions.
Download Windows Live Messenger for iPhone
Need help locating Windows Live Messenger for iPhone in the app store? Learn how to find this IM client on your iPhone or iPod.
Download Thumb for Android
Getting started on Thumb for Android requires a free download from the Android Market. Grab your Android device and check out this illustrated tutorial for step-by-step directions.
How Does Chat Work?
Go behind the screen to learn how chat rooms work, from connecting to sending real time messages.
300+ Emoticons for Instant Messaging
This library of emoticons for every IM client will teach you over 300+ smileys you can use while instant messaging.
How to Send Free Text Messages from Windows...
Want to send text messages free of charge? Sign onto Windows Live Messenger and send unlimited free text messages today.
How to Add Accounts to Messages for Mac
Once you have installed Messages for Mac, you can create a Messages account plus add access to AIM, Google Talk, Jabber and Yahoo Messenger accounts to your buddy list. Learn how in this illustrated tutorial.
Groups.im Brings Chat to Your Buddy List
Want to make new friends? Check out Groups.im! The Groups.im service connects over 1.5 million users in chat rooms directly on Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk and Windows Live Messenger.
How to Access AIM Chatrooms
Like AIM Chatrooms? Learn more about how to access a variety of AIM chatrooms.
Want to Tweet on Twitter? Here's How
Confused about how to use Twitter? Learn more about Twitter lingo and more, codes and more to make tweeting easy!
Free AIM Chat Download
Looking for AIM Chat? With less demand, AOL has moved AIM Chat exclusively onto AOL Desktop 10.1. Learn how to get your free AIM Chat download with this illustrated tutorial.
What is #ff on Twitter?
What is #ff on Twitter? Curious Twitter users and Average Joes alike can learn what is #ff on Twitter with this handy little guide.
SN is short for screenname. Discover how to get an SN on different IM clients and how to use your SN.
How to Download & Install MySpaceIM
Registered users of MySpace.com, a social networking website, can now communicate with other MySpace members through the site's dedicated IM client, MySpaceIM.
The 5 Most Popular IM Clients
Want to learn more about IM clients? These are the top 5 most popular IM clients in America, based on total users.
Using Buddy Chat in AOL Instant Messenger
Want to chat with more than one friend at a time in AOL Instant Messenger? This easy-to-use, illustrated guide will prompt you through the process of creating a Buddy Chat room.
How to Access Free Chat Rooms on Mig33
Looking for Mig33's free chat rooms? Don't miss the exciting free chat rooms on Mig33.
How to Download Google Plus App for iPhone/iPod...
Keep up with all your favorite Google Plus friends on the go with the Google Plus for iPhone/iPod Touch app. Learn how to download this app from the App Store now.
How to Use OkCupid IM
Need help with the OkCupid instant messenger? Learn how to use all the OkCupid IM features in this brief illustrated tutorial.
How to Use Chatville Facebook App
New to the Chatville Facebook App? Learn how to use Chatville on Facebook with friends, family and strangers.
Chat Roulette Nothing More Than Pornographic Romp
Chat Roulette promises fast connections and new friends, but our review finds it offers a more seedy web cam community than advertised.
How to Launch Your Own Chat on Yahoo!
Want friends to see your Yahoo webcam? Learn how to invite Messenger friends to view your Yahoo webcam.
All About AIM Express
At school or at work, AIM Express is a great way to chat with your favorite AIM Buddies without a download. AIM Express is a free, web-based IM client users can access with their AIM screenname when they are away from their personal computers and cannot access AIM.
Connecting with Multi-Protocol IMs
Looking for multi-protocol IM clients? Check out the best multi-protocol IM clients on the Internet.
How to Create a Perfect Screen Name
From screen name generators to creating lists of your three favorite things, come read and share ideas for how to create the perfect screen name.
3 Types of AirG Chat Rooms
Looking for AirG chat rooms? Learn more about the 3 types of AirG chat rooms, and how to chat with people of similar interests.
How to Signup and Start Chatting with Nimbuzz
Want to get a new Nimbuzz account? Learn how to sign up for a new Nimbuzz account.
Instant Messaging Story Suggestion - About.com
Suggest an Article or Story Idea Do you have a story or article idea for About.com Instant Messaging
Meet New Friends in Meebo Rooms
Meet new friends and more with free Meebo chat rooms.
How to Chat with Online OKCupid Users
Having trouble finding people to chat with on OkCupid? This brief guide will illustrate how to find who is online in just a few easy steps.
Here's What the '42' Emoticon Means on Facebook
Ever wonder what the 42 Facebook emoticon means? Learn the story behind the 42 Facebook emotion and all the ways in which you can use this little icon.
Get More Out of Windows Live Messenger
New to Windows Live Messenger? Whether you have been using Windows Live Messenger for years or are just getting started, these top tips and tricks will have you mastering Messenger in no time.
The 10 Best IM Clients with Facebook Chat Access
Looking for a good IM client to use Facebook Chat off the site? Go beyond the social network and your web browser and check out these recommendations for the best IM clients for Facebook Chat.
Before You Choose an IM, Check Out Their Social...
Looking for IM clients with social networking support? Check out which IM clients support connecting to social networks.
Yahoo! for SMS Makes IM Mobile
Want Yahoo Messenger on your cell phone? Get mobile with Yahoo Messenger for SMS and use your text messaging inbox to receive and send IMs for free.
How to Get Started with Facebook Chat on Your...
Connect with social network friends with instant messages and video on Facebook Chat.
Social Networking
What is social networking? Learn more about social networking and why it is so important on the Internet.
A Beginner's Guide to Badoo for iPhone
Learn how to use Badoo's iPhone app to meet new friends and people for dating in your area.
Yahoo Chat Discontinued to Make Room for New...
Yahoo Chat Rooms were discontinued on December 14, 2012, after over a decade of service to millions of users.
The Awesome Social Network You Didn't Know...
Meet new friends, find dates and play games on your mobile phone with AirG.
Do You Follow Proper IM Etiquette?
Want to know the rules to IM etiquette? Based on a Facebook Group's online etiquette rules for Windows Live Messenger, these 30+ etiquette rules can help you be a great citizen of the Internet.
A Simple Guide to Installing and Using Facebook...
New iPhone and iPod users can download the Facebook app using the App Store directly from their device. Learn how to get the Facebook app download with this illustrated tutorial.
Launch Your Webcam on AIM
Go beyond IM with webcam chat on AIM. Learn how simple it is to launch an AIM webcam chat.
Meet New Buddies in AIM Chat Rooms
Meet new friends in AIM Chat Rooms and talk about a variety of topics.
The Best Chat Rooms for Teenagers
While there are plenty of chat rooms for teenagers on the Internet, some are better than others. Check out our picks for some great teen chat options.
eBuddy for Android Download
Want to try eBuddy for Android? Learn how to get your free download of the eBuddy Android instant messaging client and how to install it to your phone or device.
How to Download the Latest Version of Skype for...
Looking for the latest Skype download? Learn how to get your free Skype download for version 5.0, with access to Facebook friends.
How to Add Facebook Emoticon Extras Free
Looking for free Facebook emoticons? Add dozens of free new Facebook emoticons to your profile.
Skype for Mac Download and Installation Guide
Navigate your web browser to the Skype web site at www.skype.com. Click Get Skype from the menu bar at the top of the page, and select Mac.
Buddy Chat
Buddy Chat is a feature of AOL Instant Messenger allowing users to chat with more than one user in either a pre-existing or user-created chatroom.
How to Put IM on Your Website
Create interactivity on your blog or website by letting your friends, family and readers connect with you using an IM widget. Here are some ways to do so.
AIM Chat Directory Guide
Want to access the AIM Chat directory? Learn more about the 30 categories of AIM chat rooms and more from this guide to the AIM Chat directory.
Beyond the Screen: How Instant Messaging Works
Each day, millions of instant messages are sent around the world and yet we rarely stop to consider the processes which must occur to connect us. In this illustrated guide, learn how IM connects, maintains and distributes our messages.
The Easy Way to Use AirG Chat on a Computer
Is the old way of getting AirG Chat on the computer not working? Learn a new, easier way to get AirG Chat on the computer.
Message Better with This Guide to Facebook Chat...
If you are a Facebook Chat user, you have options. Learn how to use Facebook Chat's option controls with this illustrated tutorial.
How to IM with eBuddy Lite
eBuddy Lite is an exciting, web-based version of eBuddy for mobile users. Learn how to send and receive IMs with eBuddy Lite on your mobile phone or device.
Download Yahoo Messenger for Mac
Looking for Yahoo Messenger for Mac Download? Learn how to download the latest copy of Yahoo Messenger for Mac.
Download Badoo for iPhone
Want to meet new friends or dates on iPhone? Download Badoo for iPhone, create a profile and start meeting new people in your area or wherever you are with your iPhone and iPod Touch devices.
Top 3 Email Chat Clients
Want to learn how to use your email chat client? Email chat works just like your favorite IMs, but without a download. Learn more about chat in AIM Mail, Gmail, and Yahoo Mail.
All About AIM: America's Most Popular IM Program
AIM is America's most popular IM program. AIM programs are free and feature IM, chat rooms, webcam chat and more.
30 AIM Chat Categories
Did you know there are 30 AIM Chat categories, each with their own related chat rooms? Learn more about the AIM Chat categories available through the AIM Chat Directory.
MySpaceIM vs. Facebook Chat
We test both social networking giant's instant messengers to find whether MySpaceIM or FacebookIM is a better IM client.
How to Get IM Text Messages on Your Cell Phone
Want to receive IM texts on your phone? Learn how to set up IM texts on several popular IM clients.
Turning on the AIM Log Feature
Need to turn on the AIM log feature? Learn how to add and find your AIM log of past conversations.

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