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Enter Your ID into Yahoo Messenger Web Login
Yahoo Messenger Web Login
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Next, enter your Yahoo ID and password into the Yahoo Messenger for the Web login window, as it appears above. Use the fields provided to input your account information, and click "Sign in" to continue.
  • Don't Have a Yahoo ID? From the Yahoo Messenger web login window, users can sign up for their own Yahoo ID by pressing the "Sign Up" link, located at the bottom of the grey box.

  • Having Issues with Login? If you cannot login to Yahoo Messenger for the Web, use the link titled "I can't access my account," for assistance troubleshooting your login.
  • Very Important Reminder! If you are using a public computer, whether at work, school or the public library, I recommend you do not check the "Keep Me Signed In" option, unless you are certain you will be the only one accessing that computer. Checking this option will enable anybody using that computer to gain access to your contacts.
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