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Tips and Tricks: Yahoo Messenger for the Web

A Guide to Using the Yahoo Messenger Web Client


Yahoo Messenger Web
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With all the functionality of Yahoo Messenger without the frills, the Yahoo Messenger web client is a great place to chat with friends and family on a work, school or public computer, where firewalls and other settings may prevent a download.

Ready to get started? Yahoo Messenger for the Web requires little more than a web browser, an Internet connection, and a free Yahoo account to start chatting online.

Before You Begin
Prior to using the Yahoo Messenger web client, make sure you have the following system requirements, including:

  • Internet connection
  • Free Yahoo ID, password
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or later, or
  • Mozilla Firefox, or
  • Safari, or
  • Opera
  • Flash 9.0 or later

What's Inside Yahoo Messenger for the Web
New to the web-based Yahoo Messenger? Learn what's inside Yahoo's web client and the different features and functions available to users.

Yahoo Messenger Web Login
This tutorial will illustrate how easy it is for users to login to the Yahoo Messenger web client, and being using their favorite IM online.

How to Send an IM on Yahoo Messenger Web
Sending and receiving IMs is just as easy on the Yahoo Messenger web client. Learn how to send an IM to your favorite Yahoo and Windows Live Messenger contacts with this illustrated tutorial.

Send Free Texts with Yahoo Messenger Web
Did you know you can send free SMS text messages straight from Yahoo Messenger for the Web? This feature is free for Yahoo users, but your recipient may incur costs per message.

Use Yahoo Messenger Web Emoticons
Just like the standard IM client, Yahoo Messenger Web users can find all your favorite emoticons built in to the online client.

Secret Yahoo Messenger Web Emoticons
Did you know Yahoo Messenger Web users also have access to a set of top secret smileys and icons? Learn more about these secret Yahoo emoticons with this tutorial!

How to Add Yahoo Messenger Web Contacts
Need to add a contact to Yahoo Messenger's web-based IM client? Users can manage contacts from Yahoo, MSN/Windows Live Messenger and even mobile phone users.

Save Your Yahoo Messenger Web Chat History
Want to create a log of your chat history from Yahoo Messenger for the Web? Want to access your Yahoo Messenger web chat logs? Learn how to do both in this illustrated tutorial.

Yahoo Messenger Web Options
Users can personalize their Yahoo Messenger web client experience with a number of included options, from sound control to contact list management.

Yahoo Messenger Web Download
While you cannot download Yahoo Messenger for the Web, users can bookmark this web-based Messenger. Learn how with this brief tutorial.

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