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How to Use Yahoo! Messenger's Basic Functions

Want to start using Yahoo! Messenger? Learn how to send messages and other basic functions so you can start chatting today!
  1. Yahoo Messenger Web for Beginners (8)

Tips and Tricks: Yahoo Messenger for the Web
Looking for a Yahoo Messenger web client? Users can find an online solution for use behind firewalls at school or work with Yahoo Messenger for the Web.

Tips and Tricks: Yahoo Chat
Need help with Yahoo Chat? Whether you are a beginner or veteran chatter, you will find the latest hints, tips and tricks for Yahoo Chat right here.

Sign in with Your Yahoo! ID and Password
How to Sign-in to Yahoo! Messenger

Using Yahoo! Messenger Emoticons
While most already know Yahoo! Messenger offers a bevy of great features, did you know they also offer the largest set of emoticons than any other IM client?

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