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How to Find Chatrooms on Yahoo Messenger 11.5


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Getting Started on Yahoo Chat
Yahoo Messenger 11.5 Chat Rooms
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In Yahoo Messenger 11.5, the popular chat room feature remains with a few changes. While users can still enjoy Yahoo Chat's variety of discussion topics found in the room directory, user-created rooms are no longer supported in this version of Messenger. Furthermore, in an effort to stem spam and robots from ruining the chat experience, a CAPTCHA word challenge test is now required before you are able to access your room.

How to Access Yahoo Chat Rooms
To begin your chat experience, select "Messenger" > "Join a Room..." from the Messenger buddy list menu bar, located at the top of the window. If you have your own list under the "Favorite Rooms" menu, select this option and choose your room from the drop-down menu.

How to Use Yahoo Chat

  1. Access "Yahoo Chat" from Your Buddy List
  2. Select Your Chatroom from the Directory
  3. Wait for Your Chat to Load
  4. Complete the CAPTCHA Challenge
  5. Start Chatting on Yahoo Messenger 11.5
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