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Where Can I Find Yahoo Chat Rooms with Real People?


Yahoo Chat Rooms with Real People
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Question: Where Can I Find Yahoo Chat Rooms with Real People?
Dear Brandon,

As a new Yahoo Messenger user, I am looking to meet new friends. However, every time I head to Yahoo Chat, I cannot find any people to talk to, just a bunch of robots! How can I find Yahoo chat rooms with real people?

--Casey M., Boise, Idaho

Answer: In previous years, Yahoo Chat was a great place to meet real people just like you, sharing the same interests and hobbies.

Today, the meteoric rise of spam bots on Yahoo Messenger can make finding a Yahoo chat room with real people difficult, but not impossible.

Here are some tips for making your search for human life more successful as you navigate the Yahoo chat room directory:

Tips for Finding Real People on Yahoo Chat

  • Go Where the Bots Aren't. Bots typically seek to attach themselves to rooms with large numbers of participants. Look for Yahoo chat rooms with smaller audiences, and you are sure to find more real people in topics that are less frequented. Of course, this may mean the only viable topics on Yahoo chat rooms where real people are do not mesh with your personal interests.

  • Check the Language. Anybody writing anything without the presence of a link, webcam invite or other actionable language? If a Yahoo Chat participant does not request you perform an action, chances are better they are a real person.

  • How Does the IM Flow? If you receive an IM from someone in a Yahoo Chat, consider how the conversation is flowing. If your receive a message and the conversation flows as it would face-to-face, it could be legit. For example, if you ask a question, and receive a response rather than the next line in a monologue about the person's website, you likely are speaking with a real person.

  • Avoid Webcam Users. More often than not, you can tell whether a person is real or not by their Yahoo activities, namely having their webcam on for chat; this isn't to say a real person will use a webcam, but many spammers use webcams on Yahoo Chat to attract people them so they can spring their spam on them via IM. If a room is full of webcam users, chances are you won't get very far in finding real people to chat with.

  • Automatic IMs Equal Bots. For users who allow anyone to IM them, based on their Yahoo Messenger settings, a bombardment of IMs upon entering a Yahoo Chat is a red flag you ought to leave.

  • Watch for Links! Does the Yahoo Chat you just entered have a myriad of links for you to choose from, along with salacious offers or sensational headlines? You probably won't find many real people in these Yahoo chat rooms, either. Also, beware of clicking any link in any chat room, as it likely contains a virus, spyware, or other unwanted malware.
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