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Removing the Error Check System from Facebook

Facebook Application for Alleged Errors Potentially Hazardous


A new Facebook application launched Feb. 20, 2009 has the potential to expose the personal information of Facebook users and information about your friends.

The Error Check System notifies users that a specific Facebook contact had difficulty viewing their profile because of errors and invites you to "View the Errors Message." Despite skipping the option of sharing this application with others, by allowing the Error Check System access to your own profile, your friends also receive similar messages.

Receive the Error Check System Message? Most users report receiving a message in their Facebook Notification, as follows: [Facebook User's Name] has faced some errors when checking your profile View The Errors Message.

If you have received this message, follow these steps to remove the potentially hazardous Error Check System application:

  1. Click "Applications" in the bottom, left-hand corner of Facebook.

  2. Next, click "Edit" in the top, right-hand corner of the Applications menu.

  3. Locate "Error Check System," then click the "X" on the line next to its name.

  4. A window will appear confirming this action. Select "Remove" to completely remove the application.
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