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Promoting IM Safety: Avoiding Bugs and Other Nuisances

While instant messaging is a great means for communicating with friends and family, it can also become a medium for havoc on your personal information and your computer. This library will teach users how to protect themselves and their computer hardware from malicious viruses and predators online.
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How to Chat: Top 9 Common Mistakes
Learning how to chat? While Internet chat rooms can be a great place to meet new friends, there are 9 common mistakes you should avoid as you learn how to chat.

7 Things You Should Never Say While Instant Messaging
Instant messaging is a terrific way to keep in touch with all your contacts, but there are some things better left unsaid. In this article, discover the seven things you should never say over IM.

Yahoo Booters -- Your Thoughts on Yahoo Booters
Have you ever been kicked off Yahoo Messenger with a booter program? Do you use Yahoo booters? Share your opinion on Yahoo booters.

Five Tips for IM Safety
Five tips for keeping safe from harassment, sexual advances and viruses on instant messenger.

Digsby Spyware -- Is the Research Module Appropriate or Intrusive Dig…
Is the Digsby spyware addition appropriate or intrusive? Voice your opinion of Digsby spyware.

Talking to Teens About Sexting
Teen sexting is one of those difficult subjects parents wrestle with their kids over. Rather than avoid the subject, learn how and when teen sexting should be addressed with your teenagers.

Mac Users Struck By Rare Trojan Virus
A rare Trojan virus has hit Apple's iChat and Limewire users that could potentially affect security with the operating system.

AIM FAQ: Safety & Security
A laundry load of FAQs about instant messaging safety and security over AOL Instant Messenger's network.

McCain, Obama Agree on IM Security for Kids
Find out more about Sens. John McCain and Barack Obama's policies on IM, the Internet and protecting children.

Working to Halt Online Abuse
Since 1997, Working to Halt Abuse Online has dedicated itself to voluntarily monitoring the web and educating Internet users on how to protect themselves from harassment and abuse.

Yahoo! Messenger Safety Guide
This official guide to Yahoo! Messenger outlines safety features and means of protecting yourself from online threats and predators.

Windows Live OneCare
This free Windows Live program helps parents monitor what their kids do online, has the ability to block screennames from instant messaging their children and other valuable safety features.

Google Talk Security FAQ
This resource includes FAQs about Google Talk and protecting users over the GTalk Network.

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