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Mac OS IM Client Downloads

Looking for Mac OS X IM Client Downloads? Check out this library of articles and tutorials on downloading IM clients for Mac OS X.

Download Messages for Mac
Want to try the new Messages for Mac, the iChat replacement for OS X Mountain Lion? The beta version is now available for limited trial on OS X Lion and can be downloaded with step-by-step illustrated help here.

Adium 1.4 Messenger Download Guide
With a myriad of improvements and bug fixes, Mac IM users will want to check out the new Adium 1.4. Get your free Adium 1.4 download and learn how to install it in this step-by-step, illustrated tutorial.

Adium Free Download Guide
Need to learn how to download Adium for free? Get your Adium free download information on About.com.

AIM for Mac v2.2 Download Guide
With the new AIM for Mac v2.2, you can chat with friends across the AIM network, Facebook Chat and Google Chat, plus check in on your social media accounts and more. Learn how to download AIM for Mac messenger in this illustrated, step-by-step tutorial.

Download Yahoo Messenger for Mac
Looking for Yahoo Messenger for Mac Download? Learn how to download the latest copy of Yahoo Messenger for Mac.

Download AIM for Macintosh
Looking for an iChat substitute? AIM for Mac is similar to iChat but offers the classic AIM experience for Macintosh users.

Microsoft Messenger for Mac Download
Looking for Mactopia Microsoft Messenger for Mac? Download Messenger for Mac.

Skype for Mac Download and Installation Guide
In this illustrated tutorial, learn how to download and install Skype for Mac computers.

Trillian for Mac Download Guide - Version 1.2.1
With Trillian for Mac v1.2.1, you can not only chat with friends and family by connecting all your favorite IM accounts at once, but also keep up on social networks and more. Learn how to download Trillian for Mac here.

Nimbuzz for Mac Download Guide - v1.2.0
Discover a whole new world of fun on Nimbuzz for Mac 1.2.0. Learn how to get a free download of this popular Mac instant messenger and install it to your computer in this step-by-step tutorial.

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