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Getting Started with Instant Messaging


Stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues with instant messaging. Learn how to choose your own IM client, sign up for a free screen name, and get set up to begin chatting on your desktop, laptop or mobile devices.
  1. The 5 Types of IMs
  2. Read the Reviews
  3. Downloading and Installing Your IM
  4. AIM Basics
  1. Facebook Chat Basics
  2. Google Talk Basics
  3. Windows Live Messenger Basics
  4. Yahoo! Messenger Basics

The 5 Types of IMs

The first step to choosing an IM client is determining your needs; whether you are looking to IM with a friend on a single client, or many friends on a variety of clients, this section will educate you on the 5 types of IM available.

Read the Reviews

After choosing the type of IM that will suit your needs, you must decide which to use; while some might already have a good idea which client they will want to use, others might need some assistance. The IM reviews are a great way to learn more about a particular client and whether it was deemed user-friendly by our writers.

Downloading and Installing Your IM

After you have chosen your ideal instant messenger, the next step is to download and install the client to your computer (or USB drive, if you have chosen a portable IM.) This process can take a few moments to complete but is vital to joining the IM community.

AIM Basics

For new users who have chosen AOL Instant Messenger as their IM client, this section will illustrate how to use AIM's basic functions.

Facebook Chat Basics

For Facebook users, one of America's hottest social networking sites also doubles as a neat web-based IM client, too! Learn more about how to use Facebook Chat today!

Google Talk Basics

Come discover a new kind of IM client like only Google could create! Google Talk offers an exciting IM experience in a simple, easy-to-use IM client.

Windows Live Messenger Basics

New users of Windows Live Messenger (formerly MSN Messenger) will appreciate this review of basic functions within their client.

Yahoo! Messenger Basics

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Want to learn more about how to use your Yahoo! Messenger? New users, launch your IM experience with Yahoo! here.

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