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Top 10 Screen Name Generators on the Web

Need Help Forming a Screen Name? These Generators Can Help You


Need help creating a screen name? Screen name generators are automated sites which facilitate users in finding the perfect ID for their IM client, social networking accounts, email addresses and more.

From prompts to enter words which describe you, your hobbies and interests, to "favorites lists" and more, the screen name generators on this list will help you form the best online handle for all your accounts.

1. Fantasy Name Generator

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As hosted on Rinkworks.com, the Fantasy Name Generator allows IM users to create diverse screennames for their chat and social networking accounts. Choose from a series of serious, fun and language-specific handles on this name generator built especially for those in the RPG community. 

2. GangstaName.com Name Generator

For all those bad boys (and girls), the GangastName.com name generator allows users to create their own thugged out nickname, perfect for use as an IM screenname. Also choose from name generators for pirate names, Mexican wrestlers, pets, taxi drivers and the Mafia. 

3. GeneratorLand.com Screen Name Generator

With one single button, GeneratorLand.com's random name generator allows IM users to create an infinite number of ID possibilities. Also includes a handy save function by clicking the yellow button along the right-side of the page.

4. NameGenerator.biz

My favorite name generator on the Web is also one of the easiest to use! NameGenerator.biz allows users to create new IM screen names, in addition to random monikers, vampire names, World of Warcraft names, fantasy names and more. Highly recommended!

5. NameStation.com Name Generator

Used primarily as a domain name generator, NameStation.com can also be used to fashion keywords into an interesting screenname. Probably best used as a last resort if the other generators herein fail to inspire.

6. Online Name Generator

This simple directory of exciting name generators include such name themes as "Superheroes," "Evil Name," "Band Name," among others. Organized into three distinct categories for business names, nicknames and fantasy names.

7. Seventh Sanctum Name Generator

Perhaps one of the most amazing name generator sites I've ever seen. With literally dozens of different, creative activities to complete, you can generate hundreds of screen name possibilities.

8. SpinXO.com Name Generator

Bold, colorful and fun, SpinXO.com is an exciting name generator prompting users to enter their name or nickname, your likes, hobbies, favorite numbers and other words to describe yourself and turns it into screen name gold. Each try reveals dozens of possibilities.

9. Squid.org Random Name Generator

Squid.org's name generator presents an inspired selection of names created with a random database of ideas, peoples and places, with themes including "Adversary," "Book Title," "Elf Surname," among others.

10. Rum & Monkey Name Generators

Humor website RumandMonkey.com offers a number of name generator features on its site, allowing users to come up with screennames based on zombie names, anime characters, scene monikers and more. Nearly 200 pages of creative name ideas to choose from!

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