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Chat with Multiple IM Accounts on Multi-Protocol IMs


While single-protocol IM clients offer limited access, the possibilities are endless with the multi-protocol IMs introduced here.

Like the name implies, multi-protocol IM clients allow users to connect all your IM accounts with one single chat client. The end result is a more efficient IM experience with multi-protocol IMs than using several IM clients at once.

Looking for a great multi-protocol IM? Check out the amazing messengers below:


Courtesy, Adium.im
For Mac users, Adium is almost the unanimous choice for multi-protocol IM access on Apple Macintosh desktops and laptops. Adium's clean interface and design and efficient functionality make it the go-to IM client for Mac users.


Copyright © 2010 dotSyntax, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
One of America's fastest growing multi-protocol IMs, Digsby was the first to offer Facebook support. By its very definition, Digsby is more than just a multi-protocol IM, but a life application, connecting users to IM clients, social networks and email.

Miranda IM

Copyright © 2010 Miranda IM. Miranda IM is released under the GNU GPL license.
Simple in design and easy-to-use, Miranda IM is a compact multi-protocol IM client offering support for AIM, Gadu-Gadu, ICQ, Jabber, Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger and more without the bells and whistles. A great IM client for users who only need IM capabilities. Released under the GNU GPL license.


Courtesy, Nimbuzz.com
Bold and incredible simple, Nimbuzz is a popular multi-protocol IM client and VoIP/PC-to-Phone application offering users with access to a number of popular IM services, in addition to Facebook and Twitter. Also available for Mac.


Courtesy Pidgin.im
Nearly flawless and dare I say fun to use, Pidgin is another simple multi-protocol IM client released under the GNU GPL license. With dozens of experiential plug-ins available, users can personalize their IM as they see fit with Pidgin. Amazingly simple!


One of the first multi-protocol IM clients, Trillian is still one of the best IMs in the industry. With the new Trillian Astra, users can connect with friends across IM clients, social networks and more. Check out Trillian Astra for a colorful, almost perfect IM experience.


Yuuguu is an amazing multi-protocol IM client, VoIP application and collaboration tool for personal, business and organizational use. Clean, easy-to-use and full of exciting features, Yuuguu is a great choice for all your IM and multimedia needs. For Windows and Mac.
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