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12 Free Private Chat Rooms

Create and Host Your Own Free Private Chat Room


Want to host your own free private chat room?

These 12 free chat rooms provide great opportunities to chat with friends and family privately. Whether you want a free private chat room with text-based chat, or free private webcam chat, these 12 exciting options have it all.

Most free private chat rooms providers require a screenname or account, available free by visiting their websites.

Looking for something more than free private chat room providers? Check out our Top 7 Free Webcam Chat Sites and 12 Best Web-Based Chat Rooms.


AIM Buddy Chat

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AIM Buddy Chat offers users the ability to launch their own free private chat rooms with ease, in just a few simple steps. Check out our AIM Buddy Chat tutorial and learn how to launch a free private chat room on AIM.

Gtalk Party Chat

Gtalk users can also launch free private chat rooms using Party Chat, a free chat room application. Check out our Gtalk Party Chat tutorial and learn how to create free private chat rooms on Gtalk.

MSN Windows Live Messenger/Groups.im

Image Courtesy, Groups.im

Groups.im is a MSN Windows Live Messenger application built to allow users to participate easily in a multitude of chat rooms, including your own free private chat rooms. Learn more about Groups.im.

Yahoo Messenger

Want to create free private chat rooms in Yahoo Messenger? Learn how to launch your own private chat in Yahoo with our tutorial.


Image Courtesy/Chatzy.com

Requiring no accounts and just a few simple steps, Chatzy is an easy-to-use free private chat rooms site, which allows users to invite friends by email to chat using any web browser.  Chatzy also allows users to create free private chat rooms for linking or embedding on your personal website.


Image Courtesy/Chatting.com

While Chatting.com is not a free private chat room site, per se, the exciting free chat rooms on this site offer private whisper chat to other members. Chatting.com is free, and requires no accounts or memberships.

Chatville Facebook App

Image Courtesy/Chatville, dotSyntax, LLC

Facebook users can take advantage of free private chat with Chatville, an app featuring private webcam and text chat with friends and family, in addition to complete strangers. For more free private webcam chat sites, see our Top 7 Webcam Sites.

Meebo Chat

Image Courtesy/Meebo.com

In addition to offering a myriad of great chat rooms, Meebo also offers the chance for free private chat on the Meebo network.  Check out our Meebo Chat tutorial and learn how to use their free private chat rooms.


Image Courtesy/TeenChat.com

Are you a teen looking for free private chat rooms for you and your friends? TeenChat.com allows users to register free private chat room keys; just give the key out, and your friends can join you in a web-based chat on TeenChat.com.

Twooms.org Twitter Chat

Image Courtesy/Twooms.org

Want to use Twitter for free private chat? Twooms.org offers "semi-private" chat, according to their website; select a Twoom free private chat room, tell your friends, and enjoy a chatroom experience over Twitter.

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