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eBuddy Web Tips and Tricks

A Guide to Using eBuddy Web Messenger


eBuddy Web Tips and Tricks

The brand-new eBuddy Web Messenger features 10 exciting, interchangeable themes, webcam access and more without a download.

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eBuddy Web Messenger is one of the world's most popular web-based IM clients, offering access to all your IM accounts in one single application.

eBuddy Web Messenger is also defined as a multi-protocol IM because it offers support for AIM, Facebook Chat, Gtalk, Hyves, ICQ, MSN/Windows Live Messenger, MySpace IM and Yahoo Messenger.

eBuddy Tricks and Tips

Sign Up for Your Free eBuddy Account
New to eBuddy? Learn how to get your free eBuddy account and get started on one of the Internet's fastest and most exciting web-based IMs.

How to Add IM Accounts to eBuddy
Want to access all your IM accounts at once? With eBuddy, users can add and use multiple IM accounts at once in this all-in-one IM client.

How to Send, Receive IMs on eBuddy
New to the eBuddy web messenger? Getting started sending and receiving IMs is surprisingly easy, as illustrated by this tutorial especially written for new eBuddy users.

Adding eBuddy Contacts
eBuddy is no fun without people to chat with! Learn how to add your friends and family as contacts on your eBuddy account with this illustrated tutorial.

How to Add Groups to eBuddy
Is your eBuddy contacts list a little disorganized after adding all those contacts? Learn how to categorize your contacts into separate groups now.

eBuddy Contacts List Options
Did you know you can also organize your eBuddy contacts list by contact name, groups and even IM client? Check it out with this illustrate tutorial.

Customize eBuddy Themes
Getting bored with the standard theme? eBuddy users can choose from an assortment of colorful themes for a whole new look.

Add an eBuddy Avatar to Your Account
With little more than your webcam and eBuddy, users can snap a picture and create their own custom avatars! Check out this cool feature in this illustrated tutorial.

How to Update Your eBuddy Status Message
Got something to say? The eBuddy status message area is where users can broadcast their thoughts, actions and more right from the contacts list. Learn how to use the eBuddy status message feature here.

Change eBuddy Text Options
From font to text colors, eBuddy users have lots of options when it comes to customizing their messages on IM.

Set Your eBuddy Availability
Need to step away from the computer? eBuddy users can even set their availability to an away message for those brief or extended moments away from chat, so your contacts are never confused about your whereabouts.

Beginner's Guide to eBuddy Mobile Clients
Looking for the eBuddy mobile clients? Our beginner's guide will teach you how to use not one but all four of the eBuddy mobile clients available.

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