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Brosix Public IM Client

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The sister product to Brosix Enterprise IM Client, the new Brosix Public offers a wealth of industry-acclaimed features while maintaining its position as a leader in IM security.

Built especially for individuals and organizations, Brosix Public offers a secure IM experience for users looking to build their own network for personal or group use.

With Brosix Public, users can:

  • send and receive IMs, even offline
  • add new Brosix contacts
  • read old IMs with chat history
  • participate in voice and webcam chat
  • transfer files and photos
  • co-browse web sites with Brosix contacts
  • draw with Brosix contacts using whiteboard
  • send screenshots with one click
  • host multi-user chat conferences.

New users can download Brosix Public free and receive a free Brosix Public account.

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