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Getting Started on IM: How to Join the IM Community

Are you a beginner to IM? This handy guide will show you how to get started on your own IM client, from creating your account to getting your own messenger download on your computer or mobile device. Once you have joined a network, we'll even show you how to set up your IM client!
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How to Chat: Top 9 Common Mistakes
Learning how to chat? While Internet chat rooms can be a great place to meet new friends, there are 9 common mistakes you should avoid as you learn how to chat.

Windows Live Messenger Downloads Guide
Windows Live Messenger downloads vary by operating system and need. Get the latest Windows Live Messenger downloads here.

The Latest Messenger Download List
Looking for the latest messenger download? Find out which IM clients have a new messenger download, and follow our illustrated tutorials to get your free IM client download.

12 Free Private Chat Rooms
Looking for free private chat rooms? Check out these 12 free private chat rooms and the great opportunity that awaits you and your friends, or even complete strangers!

How to Create a Screen Name
From screen name generators to creating lists of your three favorite things, come read and share ideas for how to create the perfect screen name.

Top 10 Screen Name Generators on the Web
Looking for a great screen name generator? Check out my top picks for the 10 best screen name generator sites on the Web.

Sign Up for Your Windows Live Messenger IM Account
In this illustrated tutorial, users will learn how to sign up for your own Windows Live Messenger IM account, and how to use your Windows Live ID and password to sign in to Windows Live Messenger.

All About AIM: America's Most Popular IM
AIM is America's most popular IM client. AIM is free and features free IM, chat rooms, webcam chat and more.

Name Generator Creator Helps Others to Help Himself
While many have used a screen name generator to come up with their online monikers, very few have actually built a screen name generator on their own. We spoke with Brett Griffin, purveyor of NameGenerator.biz, about building the ultimate screen name engine.

The Best New York City Chat
Looking for New York City chat? Find the best New York City chat on the Internet.

Screen Name -- How Did You Come Up with Your Screen Name
Creating screen names can be hard work. How did you come up with your screen name? Share you tips with About.com readers.

How to Use IM for Emergency Communications
In times of natural or man-made disaster, telephone and Internet services could be interrupted. In this article, learn how to make instant messaging a means of communicating with friends, family and colleagues.

How to Create a Nimbuzz for Mac Account
New to Nimbuzz for Mac? Learn how to create your own account for this popular Mac messenger. Nimbuzz accounts are free and are required in order to use their IM client software.

All About Yahoo! Messenger
Want to learn more about Yahoo Messenger? Check out our library on Yahoo Messenger and how you can use this IM client to meet new friends!

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