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The 2009 Best IM Awards


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Developers of the Year: Brosix (D-Bross)
The 2009 Best IM Awards

The story of Brosix, the tiny enterprise IM client, is a lot like the story of David and Goliath. What they don’t have in a impressive ad budget nor name recognition, Brosix has made up in customer satisfaction and a great IM client, which is why About.com readers (and satisfied Brosix users) helped them capture this year’s award for Developers of the Year.

Founded in 2006, Brosix’s developers at software creator D-Bross, of Bulgaria, worked to build one of the most versatile, efficient and cost-effective IM clients for business. Today, their client is becoming more and more popular in businesses across North America and around the globe.

Offering businesses and organizations the opportunity to operate their own, private, secure IM network while also saving them time and money with their easy-to-use client, Brosix has built a niche for itself where fewer clients are able to tread.

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