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The 2009 Best IM Awards


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Best Chat Rooms: Yahoo! Chat
The 2009 Best IM Awards

Reproduced with permission of Yahoo! Inc. ©2009 Yahoo! Inc.

Looking for the best chat rooms on the Internet? According to About.com readers, Yahoo! Chat offers the web’s best free chat rooms as Yahoo! takes home yet another honor in this year’s Best IM Awards.

With a wealth of rooms to choose from and thousands of interesting people to meet and chat with, its no wonder why more readers preferred Yahoo! Chat over other chat offerings online. In recent years, Yahoo! has taken further steps to help alleviate robot congestion of their Yahoo! Chat feature by adding Captcha and other obstacles to create a better chat experience for its users. While no chat experience is air-tight when it comes to spam, these steps have led to a decline in robot spam since their inception.

Sign on to Yahoo! Chat today and start experiencing a better way to chat.

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