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The 2009 Best IM Awards


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Best IM Client of the Year: Yahoo! Messenger 9.0
The 2009 Best IM Awards

Reproduced with permission of Yahoo! Inc. ©2009 Yahoo! Inc.

Our most competitive category for the second year in a row is also awarded to the last year’s winner for back-to-back honors for Best IM Experience.

Yahoo! Messenger 9.0, a favorite of About.com readers in this year’s Best IM Awards, is not a surprising candidate for this award given Yahoo’s innovative history in the IM industry.

In addition to a sleek design and a fairly flawless IM client, the wide range of plugins, in-line media player, PC-to-PC calling, PC-to-Phone calling VoIP technology and a wide-range of new personalization options make Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 one of the strongest, most exciting IM clients on the web.

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