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The Reader's Choice Awards 2010: Best IM


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About the 2010 Best IM Category
The Reader's Choice Awards 2010: Best IM

The Reader's Choice Awards Best IM category honors the year's top instant messaging clients, as nominated and chosen by our readers. This category celebrates its third year in 2010, and was the original concept behind the unified About.com Reader's Choice Awards.

This year's Best IM category seeks to honor the Best IM Client Overall, Best Third-Party Messenger, Best Mac Messenger, Best Mobile Messenger, Best Feature on Messenger, Best Chatrooms, Best Design and IM Developers of the Year.

The 2010 Best IM category received over 5100 nominations during the open nominations period between Jan. 1-25, 2010. This year, the voting period for the 2010 Reader's Choice Awards was extended from Feb. 1-25, 2010. Winners in each category were announced on March 1, 2010.

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