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Readers' Choice Awards 2012: Best IM Clients


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Best Mac IM 2012: Nimbuzz
Nimbuzz - Best Mac IM Client of 2012
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Best Mac IM Vote Tally
  • Adium - 6%
  • Brosix - 21%
  • iChat - 5%
  • Nimbuzz - 64%*
  • Yahoo Messenger for Mac - 1%


Nimbuzz for Mac is our 2012 titleholder for Best Mac Instant Messenger, according to an overwhelming response by our readers, a back-to-back victory for the multi-protocol IM client. The selection of Nimbuzz as our best Mac IM is not surprising, given the application's wide range of features.

Why Nimbuzz for Mac is the Best Instant Messenger
For anyone wondering how Nimbuzz managed to take this title for the second year in a row, one needs not look further than the quality and value Mac users are finding in this IM client. Here are some of the features I know you're going to love:

All-in-One Access to Your Favorite IM Accounts
With Nimbuzz for Mac, you can access Facebook Chat, Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live Messenger and Gtalk friends from a single buddy list, rather than using a multitude of IM client applications at once. Makes chatting with friends across multiple networks easier than ever.

Free and Cheap Voice Calls
If you call another Nimbuzz user from the application, you can enjoy free voice chat. With Nimbuzzout, make cheap international calls from your PC or mobile app to any phone in the world. Two great ways to connect by voice!

N-World Games and More
Expand the fun you could be having with N-World, a menu which includes free buddy icons and avatars, online games, gifts you can exchange with other Nimbuzz users and more.

Group Chat Support
Connect and collaborate with multiple friends at once with support for instant messaging with multiple users at once, private chatrooms and more.

The Best Mac IM category in About.com's 2012 Readers' Choice Awards awards the best instant messaging client for Mac computers in 2012. A Mac IM client is defined as a messenger which can be downloaded and installed to a computer running a Mac OS X operating system.

Finalists in this category were selected through a public online nomination process based on a number of factors, including ease of use, efficiency, lack of bugs or issues, notable features and stellar support services.

Past Best Mac IM Winners
Here were your choices for Best Mac IM client in our previous contests:

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