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Readers' Choice Awards 2011: Best IM


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Best Chat Rooms of 2011: mig33
Readers' Choice Awards 2011: Best IM
With nearly a unanimous declaration, About.com readers have chosen mig33's mobile IM client as having 2011's Best Chat Rooms. A previous Readers' Choice Awards finalist for this title, mig33 beat out the venerable Yahoo Chat and rising star Palringo for the award.

Try the Best Chat Rooms of 2011: mig33 Chat Rooms

How Our Readers Voted

  • AirG Chat - 1%
  • mig33* - 94%
  • Palringo - 3%
  • TeenChat.com - 0%
  • Yahoo Chat - 2%

*denotes winner

Best Chat Room Finalists

AirG Chat
Also known as Hookt Mobile and other names, AirG Chat is a popular mobile IM service with free chat rooms and more.

Mig33, popular with users in the US, Europe and Asia, offers a number of free chat rooms, IM and more all from its mobile IM community..

Palringo is a multi-protocol IM client, with support for all your favorite messenger accounts. In addition to a downloadable IM client for Windows and Mac, users can also chat on the go with Palringo Mobile IMs.

TeenChat.com is one the most popular free chat room services for teenagers on the Web, operating a service with thousands of members and dozens of chat rooms available 24/7.

Yahoo Chat
Yahoo Chat is one of the world's most popular free chat room service, available directly from Yahoo Messenger.

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