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Readers' Choice Awards 2011: Best IM


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Best IM Feature of 2011: Brosix Screen Sharing
Readers' Choice Awards 2011: Best IM
For the third year in a row, About.com readers have chosen Brosix as the IM client with the year's best IM feature. This year, Brosix's screen sharing feature takes top honors as 2011's Best IM feature, an exciting collaboration tool for personal and business use.

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How Our Readers Voted

  • Brosix Screen Sharing - 70%
  • Chat History - 12%
  • Gmail Chat Animated Emoticons - 3%
  • Gmail Chat Video - 8%
  • Seamless Chatting - 7%

*denotes winner

Best Web Messenger Finalists

Brosix Screen Sharing
When words aren't enough, the Brosix screen sharing feature is a great way to illustrate what you mean as you collaborate on projects and more.

Chat History
Chat history allows users to log all their IM conversations.

Gmail Chat Emoticons
Rather than offer some flat lifeless icons, the Gmail Chat emoticons spring to life upon being sent, each with their own animated surprise.

Gmail Chat Webcam and Audio Chat
With a simple plugin, Gmail users can launch their own webcam and audio chat directly from their inbox.

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