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Readers' Choice Awards 2011: Best IM


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Best Web Messenger of 2011: imo.im
Readers' Choice Awards 2011: Best IM
Caught in a horse race until the very end, imo.im was chosen by About.com readers as 2011's Best Web Messenger. An often nominated Readers' Choice Awards finalist, imo.im narrowly edged out Nimbuzz to claim this year's title as the best web-based IM client for the first time.

Why imo.im is 2011's Best Web Messenger

Long a purveyor of exciting new concepts and new frontiers, imo.im was one of the first web messengers to introduce Facebook Chat, text messaging, file sharing and Skype video calling to its services.

But, it was this January's imo.im redesign which has made the most difference to its appeal, with a fresh new look and easy-to-use interface. The new imo.im is more inviting, seemingly easier to use, and from the looks of this year's competition, the web messenger setting the bar for innovation.

Try the Best Web Messenger of 2011: imo.im

How Our Readers Voted

  • eBuddy - 9%
  • Gmail Chat - 3%
  • imo.im* - 40%
  • Meebo - 11%
  • Nimbuzz - 37%

*denotes winner

Best Web Messenger Finalists

eBuddy is a web-based IM client with support for multiple IM accounts at once. eBuddy also offers a number of mobile IM clients. eBuddy was voted best IM (third-party client) in 2009.

Gmail Chat
While Gmail is a free email provider, it also offers an embedded, easy-to-use IM client, with emoticons, plus webcam and audio chat.

imo.im is a web-based IM client with support for all your messenger accounts all in one place. imo.im requires little more than an Internet connection and a web browser.

Meebo is an exciting web messenger with support for multiple IM client accounts, in addition to private chat rooms and more.

Nimbuzz offers IM clients for Windows, Mac, a web messenger, and multiple mobile platforms. Nimbuzz was voted best mobile IM, best IM design and best IM developers of 2010.

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