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eBuddy Developers Triumph with Faster, Better Web IM

Notably Improved, Worthy of a Five-Star Review

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eBuddy Developers Triumph with Faster, Better Web IM

The brand-new eBuddy Web Messenger features 10 exciting, interchangeable themes, webcam access and more without a download.

Courtesy, eBuddy.com
With faster processing, an exciting re-skin and a myriad of great new features, the new eBuddy Web Messenger offers web-based IM users commendable performance over their current IM client.

eBuddy Web Messenger has stepped up the speed in its latest release, increasing the efficiency of their client so IM users like you and I can worry less about slow load times and focus more on our conversations.

eBuddy's Exciting New Web Messenger

From the very beginning of our tests, eBuddy Web Messenger performed at a noticeably faster clip, loading in only a fraction of the time the former version took to launch.

Upon launch, users are greeted by a fresh re-skin of alternating blue dots and hues; what's more, users can now choose from ten unique themes, adding a splash of color (and life) to the less engaging eBuddy we've come to know.

In fact, it is evident with this latest release, the eBuddy's team of developers has gone into pain-staking detail to ensure a fully-customizable experience:

  • Webcam Access: In addition to choosing from five cool eBuddy avatars, users can now take a photo via webcam from the eBuddy Web Messenger or choose from files on your computer.
  • Buddy List Sorting: Users have the option of sorting their eBuddy contact lists by name, group or IM account.
  • Text Customization: Choose from a limited menu of fonts, colors and sizes to your heart's desire.

New eBuddy Offers Better Navigation, Less Buttons

The eBuddy Web Messenger, as seen from an IM conversation. The new eBuddy Web Messenger offers a cleaner, user-friendly environment organized by drop-down lists rather than buttons.

Courtesy, eBuddy.com

Also notable, whereas the older version of eBuddy Web Messenger offered a lot of features, the numerous buttons and tabs were often difficult to navigate.

The new eBuddy Web Messenger improves user-friendliness by tucking many of these buttons into two, easy-to-use drop-down menus on the Buddy List, including Buddies management and Buddy List sorting.

For IM-level options, a tab-specific menu now allows users to invite buddies to group chat, to block an IM contact, delete them from the Buddy List or check out their profile; below the text field, the text customization options are now tucked away in a single, easy-to-use menu, alongside a emoticons drop-down menu and the "Buzz" button.

Even the little things add up to a big victory for eBuddy, whose new version also alerts users to new IMs with tab-based alerts and misspelled words.

Opportunities for Future eBuddy Web Messenger Versions

While there is much to praise about the new eBuddy Web Messenger, my wish list for this exciting IM client would include webcam access.

With the convergence of web-based IM and live webcam and audio chat, eBuddy's next big move should include access to PC-to-PC video chat. Done effectively, I believe eBuddy Web Messenger could challenge even the download-necessary IM clients on the Internet.

PC-to-Mobile SMS free text messaging would also be a novel feature for the eBuddy team to add in future editions, as IM users are increasingly clamoring for ways to cut their mobile costs.

On the lower end of my list would include the addition of more fonts, because you can never have enough fonts.

The Bottom Line: eBuddy Rocks

Regardless of what you might have thought about eBuddy Web Messenger in the past, users who bypass this exciting new version will be missing out on something pretty impressive.

From the clean, new interface and interchangeable themes to its efficient new menus, eBuddy Web Messenger will exceed the expectations of its old users and the newly introduced, and will likely continue its dominating presence on the web-based IM industry.

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