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Brosix Screenshot: Best IM Feature of 2010

Guide Review: Brosix Takes Best IM Feature for Second Year

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Brosix Screenshot: Best IM Feature of 2010
With over 61 percent of the vote, Brosix wins back-to-back titles, this year for Screenshot, the Best IM Feature in the 2010 Reader's Choice Awards.

What I Love About Brosix Screenshot

The Brosix Screenshot group application is available for both Brosix Enterprise IM and the Brosix Public IM client.

This exciting feature allows Brosix users to collaborate by sharing screenshots with a single button, rather than the multi-faceted approach many of us have taken in the past.

Paired with other low-cost conferencing tools, Screenshot helps streamline communications, whether for businesses and organizations, and makes sharing whats on your desktop easier than ever.

I love Brosix Screenshot's simplicity and have found this is a great collaboration tool for businesses and individuals who can't settle for expressing thoughts in words alone.

How About.com Readers Voted

Courtesy, Brosix.com
IM Clients in the Reader's Choice Awards were named winners based on the majority of total votes received by About.com readers. Nominations were accepted January 1-25, 2010, on this web site.
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