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Groups.im: Best IM Chat Rooms of 2010

Guide Review: Groups.im Overtakes Yahoo! Chat for Best Chat Rooms

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Groups.im: Best IM Chat Rooms of 2010
With over 67 percent of the vote, Groups.im has upset favorite Yahoo! Chat for the Best IM Chat Rooms category in the 2010 Reader's Choice Awards.

What I Love About Groups.im

Ever sign in to your IM to find nobody on to chat? Groups.im is a third-party chat service which brings a variety of exciting, topical chat rooms to your Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and Google Talk clients.

In testing the Groups.im service, I've been extremely impressed by the sheer number of available chat rooms and communities people can join, everything from sports, to politics even down to localized chat rooms for your own state.

Perhaps even more impressive is that Groups.im has accomodated over 1.5 million active users this year, and are growing each day.

Groups.im is an exciting chat community which extends the power of the three previously mentioned IM clients, with absolutely no download or plugin installation. Getting started is literally as easy as adding a contact to your Buddy List, and the best part is there is always new people to meet on Groups.im.

How About.com Readers Voted

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IM Clients in the Reader's Choice Awards were named winners based on the majority of total votes received by About.com readers. Nominations were accepted January 1-25, 2010, on this web site.
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