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Learning to Smile on Google Talk

Emoticons and Other Images for Talk Users


Even though Google Talk is an incredibly simple IM client, emoticons don't have to be boring! In fact, one of the pleasures of using emoticons on Google Talk is the down-right animated smileys and images that form after entering the following text items.

To create any of these emoticons, locate the symbols on your keyboard and enter them in the text field of your Google Talk IM box. Remember, some symbols will require hitting the SHIFT key.

Google Talk Emoticons

:D - grin

:( - frown

x-( - angry

B-) - cool

:’( - crying

=D - big smile

=) - big grin

:-| - straight face

;^) - big nose

;-) - wink

:-) - smile w/nose

:-/ - skeptical

:P - sticking tongue out

:-o - shocked

<3 - heart

:(|) - monkey

\m/ - rock out

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