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How to Use Facebook Chat's Emoticons

Your Complete Guide to Smileys on the World's Most Popular Social Network


How to Use Facebook Chat's Emoticons
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In addition to text-based instant messages, Facebook Chat's simple, web-based IM client also offers users a library of cute emoticons to help you convey feelings and add context to your chat.

There are 26 different smileys and other icons to learn and use. Simply open a chat window with another contact and locate the Facebook Chat emoticons menu to browse and click, or enter the codes as shown below.

For future reference, bookmark this page so you may return later or print out a copy for help at a glance.

How to Use Facebook Chat Emoticons
To create any of these emoticons, locate the symbols on your keyboard and enter them in the text field of your Facebook Chat IM window. Remember, some symbols will require hitting the shift key.

:42: - 42 is The Ultimate Answer

:) - happy

:( - sad

:P - tongue

:D - grin

:O - gasp

;) - wink

8) - glasses

B) - sunglasses

:3 - cute/cat-like

>:( - grumpy

:/ - unsure

:’( - cry

3:) - devil

O:) - angel

:-* - kiss

^_^ - "kiki"

-_- - squint

O.o - confused

>:O - upset

<3 - heart

:v - Pacman

:|] - robot

:putnam: - Chris Putnam (Facebook Engineer)

(^^^) - Shark

Add More Emoticons to Facebook Chat
Did you know you can add more smileys and icons to your social network account with a simple download? Get dozens of new Facebook emoticons for free with the Facemoods Firefox plugin.

More Emoticon Resources for Social Networking Users
Check out our complete Guide to Smileys on Facebook Chat, and learn new secrets about your favorite Facebook Chat icons and more.

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