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Flash Those Pearly Whites on AIM

Introducing the AIM Emoticons Library


When emoticons first arrived on the scene, AIM did one better and was one of the first to introduce text-to-graphical smileys. But, compared to the competitions, AIM keeps a fairly small library of emoticon options to choose from. Still, they are among some of the most famous in all of IM.

To create any of these emoticons, locate the symbols on your keyboard and enter them in the text field of your AIM IM box. Remember, some symbols will require hitting the SHIFT key.

AIM Emoticons

:-) - happy

:-( - sad

;-) - wink

:-P - sticking tongue out

=-O - shocked

:-* - red lips/kissing

>:O - angry

8-) - cool/sunglasses

:-$ - indifferent

:-! - foot in mouth

:-[ - embarrassed

0:-) - angel

:-/ - confused

:’( - crying

:-X - silent/sealed lips

:-D - laughing

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