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How to Use Facebook Chat for iPhone


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How to Download and Access Facebook Chat on Your iPhone
Facebook app download
Facebook, Inc.
In addition to posting photos, viewing profiles and updating your status messages, the Facebook app for iPhone and iPod devices also features access to your Facebook Chat IM client. Using Facebook's embedded instant messenger on these devices is easy and you can get started in just minutes.

Download the Facebook App
If you have not installed the Facebook app to your device yet, check out how to get your download from the App Store in this brief tutorial by Sam Costello, Guide to iPhone/iPod at About.com.

How to Access the Facebook App on iPhone, iPod
To start using Facebook Chat on your iPhone or iPod, locate the Facebook app icon on your device and tap it. The Facebook icon appears as a blue square with the iconic lower-case "F" on its face. Once launched, your screen will appear as illustrated above.

Click the "Chat" menu option to continue using Facebook Chat.

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